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Autumn Highlights and Upcoming Travels -- Backpacking Tips Asia, Issue #008
September 23, 2010


New season means new travels. Find true travel inspiration below! :-)

Ever since I became a student again, time has flown. My hands are all over the keyboard, answering questions posted on the forum by visitors of the site and at the same time writing school essays! Ah!

But fear not, Backpacking Tips is very much alive :-)

Enjoy! ;-)



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Issue # 8 -- September 23, 2010


1) What's new on Backpacking Tips

2) Special Report and Upcoming Travels

3) Travel Inspiration of the Month

4) Travel articles from across the web

5) Travel News

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1) What's New on Backpacking Tips Asia?

Autumn has arrived. It's cold -- that's all I can say. But Asia doesn't stand still! The lucky travelers who are in Asia right now can enjoy these festivals, all running in October and November.

Pushkar in Rajasthan, India is well-known for its Pushkar camel fair. Not to be missed! Or go to Varanasi to experience Dussehra Festival.

Thailand has a lot of festivals to offer as well: The Naga Fireballs Festival in October and the Buffalo Racing.

Special report

Last month I announced that my sister was traveling in South Korea. Well, my sister is back and she has given the hard-core travel tips and reviews about the places she visited in Seoul and Busan!

The posts will be ready in October/November! :-)

Travel Forum

After I set up the travel forum, visitors have posted a lot of questions. Here they are:

How to get from Goa, India to Cambodia

How to overcome the insecurities of traveling alone in Asia

Ideas for accommodation? Have a budget of 20 USD per night

Need help on where to go, budget and use of credit and debit cards

India: Pack rain coat and boots for the rainy season?

Vietnam visa for Scandinavians (visa exemption)

Do you have a question?

If you want to contribute, or ask a question, feel free to visit the travel forum

New articles:

Here's my experience from my visit to Tiny Toons organization in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Keep up the good work! Tiny Toons is developing Khmer music and dance, and saving street children in Phnom Penh

I'm still adding articles from my trip to the Philippines. Here's my review of Loboc River Cruise/Floating Restaurant in Bohol: Philippines attractions: Loboc Cruise River

Updated articles:

My last trip to the Angkor temples was in April 2010. Here are the latest updates from Angkor park: Preah Khan temple is deteriorating. See the pictures! And Bayon is still beautiful and overpacked by people

The delicious Laotian food in Luang Prabang, Laos -- more pictures

The food and restaurants in Vang Vieng, Laos

2) Special Report -- Upcoming Travels

Well, it's final. We're leaving for Kerala, India in February 2011! :-)

I'll be doing field work with some of my class mates. This is very exciting because this means that we'll be soaking Indian culture at its best!

Our teacher told us that we'll be wearing the traditional women clothing: Churidar and kameez. It's going to be odd, but it's for the best! :-) And of course: we'll be traveling around the region, interviewing local Indians.

This trip also means that I'll be covering Kerala on Backpacking Tips :-D

The field work in Kerala lasts for 5 weeks. Our first stop will be Trivandrum. After those 5 weeks, we have another 2 weeks of free traveling. Then we return home at the end of March 2011.

Looking forward to it! :-)

3) Travel Inspiration of the Month

Welcome to my native country -- The Philippines! :-)

For more information on the Philippines, go here: Travel to Philippines: A personal guide

Picture 1: Beaches in the south -- sweet!

Picture 2: Steaming Cave in Sagada, north Philippines

Picture 3: Dinagyang festival in Ilo Ilo

4) Travel Articles from across the Web

10 reasons why volunteering is better than traveling

Malaysia has made it into the top 10 tourist destinations

What not to do in China

For backpacking families: 20 tips for surviving a flight with your child

5) Travel News

Police warn of fake visas online

WHO warns of surge in dengue cases in Asia

Hope you enjoyed this newsletter! See you in October!


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