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Backpacking alone through Asia 
Question: I will be backpacking through Asia during March, April and May, alone. I wanted to ask you about the relationships built during the trip. …

Backpacking through Asia - alone? How long? Not rated yet
People seem to ask me almost every day what I want to do after graduation and the only thing I can think of is to travel. And I'm not talking about just …

Parent concerns for a teenager wanting to go backpacking in Asia alone Not rated yet
Hello, As a father of a 17 year old son, I am in the position where he is graduating high school this year and wants to travel. He has no career …

How to overcome the insecurities of traveling alone in Asia? Not rated yet
Question: Basically, I am turning 18 soon and it has been a long time dream of mine to backpack across Europe alone after I graduate. Until recently …

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