Backpacking from Beijing - Singapore for two people

by Jas
(London, UK)

Hi all! My girlfriend and I are planning on travelling through Southeast Asia, and on to the East Coast of Oz +/- Auckland. We're leaving at the very beginning of August and are gone for 12 weeks.

My question the following route practical for a 4-5 week stretch?

Beijing ---> Shanghai ---> Hanoi ---> Laos ---> Ho Chi Minh ---> Phnom Penh ---> Bangkok ---> Koh Samui ---> Koh Pha Ngan ---> Langkawi ---> Singapore


Obviously, these destinations (aside from Beijing, Bangkok and Singapore) are fluid and we were probably going to use planes for the first portion (for speed and convenience) and coach/trains thereafter.

Any recommendations?

Thank you!


Answer: Hey Jas, 4-5 weeks is tight, but doable. As you mentioned you need to fly, and take overnight trains or buses to save time. From Saigon there are frequent buses to Phnom Penh (6 hours). From Bangkok to Koh Samui, via Surat Thani there are overnight buses. If you want to save more time there are also flights from Bangkok to Koh Samui.

Since you're considering taking a side trip to Laos, you should apply for a multi entry tourist visa for Vietnam.


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