Backpacking from village to village

by Mathijs
(Leuven, Belgium)

Question: Hello, I have read your website with pleasure and using a lot of your tips! Thanks

In January my girlfriend and I are travelling to Thailand for 6 months; our trip is almost planned (but not to much :)of course.)

I have a question about hiking.

Because we do enjoy hiking and backpacking we were wondering if it is possible to hike from village to village in Thailand? We are used to walk with a GPS system and a topographical map.

Are their any preferable or popular routes are area's to hike from village to village?

A trip that we had in mind was from Sangklaburi to Kanchanaburi. (+-220 km).

Is this madness of is it enjoyable to hike from village to village? And do you have some tips on that? We are used to hike in other countries with a total different culture and fauna and flora.

Thanks in advance!

Greets, Machteld and Mathijs

Answer: Hey! :-) Frankly, I have no experience with hiking in Thailand. So I can't give you any personal tips.

But I do have researched. What I found is that most of the hiking routes and trails are largely focused in the north, around Chiang Mai. If you haven't already read these posts, please do:

Trekking in Thailand

Thorn Tree Forum: Hiking in Chiang Mai

CM Mike: Hiking Reports from Chiang Mai

Hiking in East Thailand Chanthaburi

Every Trail: Kanchanaburi

If other travelers have comments on this, it would be great to hear about it!

-- Admin and editor

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