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Room at Empire Hotel

"Hotels in Kowloon Hong Kong" was last updated on Jan 02, 2014
Hong Kong was last visited in Dec 2008

There's no secret that the luxury hotels in Hong Kong are plentiful and most of them magnificent.

If you're looking for hotels in all price classes, then Kowloon is your best bet. Staying on Hong Kong island is much more pricier and the budget hotels are in minority.

I visited Hong Kong in December 2008 and only spent a week there. I stayed at Empire Hotel during my entire stay there. My sister also shares her experience from former Cosmo Mongkok Hotel (June 2012), now called Dorsett Mongkok.

This article is not complete. I will add more hotels as I find worthy ones.

Review of Empire Hotel

Price per night: from HKD$ 1900 (City View double room, price in June)

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One of the Hotel Shuttle buses drove us from the airport and directly to Empire Hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui – the tourist district in Kowloon.

Just as we walked into the reception, we were amazed by the clean and professional look of this hotel. Marble floors, clean stylish design but at the same time the hotel had a warm atmosphere to it.

Checking in was effortless even though we were arriving late in the evening. Baggage was picked up by the bell boys and taken to our rooms.

Everything was so neat and clean. Our room met most of our expectations – spacious and a very clean bathroom. Towels were changed every day.

But frankly, it's not the best room I've seen on luxury hotels in Hong Kong or Asia. It was more simple and didn't wow me compared to, for instance the Mandarin Hotel. Maybe we were unlucky with the room, who knows.

View of Hong Kong from Empire Hotel in Kowloon

Our room included all the typical amenities; like TV, air-con, broad band internet, tea and coffee, a security safe and much more. Their bed was very comfortable, and I remember having a good night sleep each night we stayed there.

In the morning, we woke up at around 8.00 am and went downstairs to have breakfast buffet (surcharges apply). Their buffet was absolutely mouth-running. They served Cantonese and Western food/lunch – hot and cold, fresh fruit, tea and coffee. My boyfriend and cousin enjoyed the breakfast food as well!

But I think the best part of this hotel must be its location. It's located in the heart of Kowloon. Only a couple of minutes from Kowloon park, and just a couple of meters from the hotel, you can find a range of shops, malls and restaurants continuing into Nathan Road. It's quite possible to walk down to the harbor to visit Hong Kong island.

Location, location, location – excellent!

I recommended Empire Hotel to one of my former colleagues Veronica, who stayed there for four days (in 2010). After Veronica came back with her boyfriend - she thanked me. She also agreed that Empire Hotel was the best in terms of location. They didn't need to travel at great distances to see the things they wanted.

Where: 62 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon, Hong Kong

If you want to visit the famous Mong Kok Market, it's only a few MTR stations away from the hotel. The infrastructure in Kowloon and Hong Kong is completely effortless, so if you have to travel around – that's not an issue at all.

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Review of Dorsett Mongkok
(former Cosmo Mongkok Hotel) -
A Boutique Hotel in Hong Kong

The editor has not tried Dorsett Mongkok. My sister, Anna, stayed there in June 2012. The review below is hers.

Price per night: from HKD $ 576 (online prices, high season)

While in Seoul, I said yes to work in a clothing store for a month. Our boss wanted me and some other employees to travel to Hong Kong and collect fabrics and textiles, and she immediately proposed Cosmo Mongkok Hotel.

My mission was to join a small group to Hong Kong and buy textiles at several fabric markets, including Sham Shui Po.

When I first arrived at Cosmo Mongkok Hotel, I was blown away by the design. The hotel specializes in functional design due to its environmental policy. My room was compact, but the room layout was well thought of. Everything I needed was in the room even though it was small.

Room at Cosmo Mongkok Hotel in Hong Kong

Everything was clean and modern, practical and nice. The view from my room was just amazing.

View of Hong Kong from Cosmo Mongkok Hotel

Hotels in Kowloon Hong Kong: View from the hotel

Another thing Cosmo Hotel is known for is their Italian restaurant. I ate there once and the pasta dish I ordered was good along with the dessert.

Where: Close to Olympic subway station

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