India: Pushkar Fair -- Nov 12 - 21, 2010

by Backpacking Tips Asia
(Oslo, Norway)

Photo courtesy of Kyeungwoo Kim

Photo courtesy of Kyeungwoo Kim

Photo courtesy of Kyeungwoo Kim Photo courtesy of Hans Hedriksen Photo courtesy of Hans Hedriksen Photo courtesy of Hans Hedriksen

If it is one festival I want to experience in Rajasthan, it is the Pushkar fair held at Pushkar town. The Pushkar fair is one of the world's largest camel fair where men buy and sell decorated camels, bulls, cows, sheep, goats and horses. We're not talking about 10 camels and 10 horses, but probably up to 20 000 camels! Not only animals are bought and sold, but also handicrafts.

There are all sorts of activities to watch or join! There are camel races and displays, dancing and music competitions. You can even watch people take a holy dip in Pushkar lake.

For a detailed program on what's happening before and during the fair, go here: Pushkar Camel Fair Dates for 2011

The fair itself starts on Nov 16th! :-)

Last updated: Dec 24, 2010

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