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Lantau Island Hong Kong

Buddha at Lantau island in Hong Kong

Prices for "Lantau Island Hong Kong" was last updated on May 20, 2013 
Hong Kong was last visited in Dec/Jan 2008/2009


The attractions at Lantau island are some of the most popular sights in Hong Kong. A whole day trip to explore the site will suffice!

Many travelers take the cable car, which we did back in 2009. So I'm going to focus on this.

Of course, there are also hiking opportunities from Mui Wo :-)

Practical information
about Lantau Island

Getting to Lantau island

View from cable car to Lantau island Hong Kong

The cable car ride starts in Tung Chung and terminates at Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal. From Ngong Ping terminal, there's less than a 10-minute walk up to the infamous Big Buddha.

From Central District:

If you're in Kowloon, take the MTR to Tung Chung station. The ride takes approximately 30 minutes.

The MTR is fast, clean and convenient.

There are several buses to Tung Chung. Get off at Shun Tung road. From there it's only a 10-15 minutes walk to Tung Chung terminal.

From Central District there are also ferries to Mui Wo. Mui Wo is a small town on Lantau island. From there take bus number 2 to Ngong Ping village.

PS: The hiking trail starts from Mui Wo.

From Hong Kong international airport: 

You can either take a bus or a taxi to Tung Chung terminal. The journey takes 10 minutes.

Prices and opening hours:

For a standard cable car the cost is HK$135 per person (round-trip), HK$94 for single trip. 

Admission to Buddha: free, but there's an admission charge to the exhibition halls of HK$78 per person. This fee includes a meal at Po Lin Monastery Vegetarian restaurant. 

We arrived there before noon, and there was no queue :-)

Opening hours: 10.00 am-18.00 pm (weekdays), 09.00 am-18.30 pm (weekends and public holidays)

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Our review of
Lantau Island

It was fairly easy to locate the terminal in Tung Chung, and the cable car ride was effortless.

The view is spectacular, and you have 25-30 minutes to take gorgeous pictures of Hong Kong and Lantau islands, with the ocean surrounding them.

View of Hong Kong from the cable car to Lantau island

Lantau island Hong Kong: View from cable car

I'm afraid of heights, but I felt pretty comfortable where I sat. We had to 'trick' my auntie though since she's more terrified of heights than I am.

My mom told my aunt that it 'only' took 5-10 minutes to get to Lantau island, but it was in fact longer than that :P

While we sat in the cable car, we observed hikers heading for the Lantau tourist attractions and minute by minute, the Big Buddha statue became larger and larger.

When we finally arrived at Ngong Ping terminal, we started taking pictures. First impression was good; clean, green and beautiful.

Ngong Ping on Lantau island in Hong Kong

Lantau island Hong Kong: Arriving in Ngong Ping

On our way to the Big Buddha, there were shops and restaurants on our both sides. We finally reached the Buddha, and boy it was huge! You can sit down on one of the benches, and study the view of Hong Kong.

The staircase to the Big Buddha on Lantau island

Lantau island Hong Kong: stairs to Buddha

You can enter Buddha for a small fee, but we didn't do that. Frankly, my fever already kicked in the cable car. I just wanted to lay down and sleep.

I hope that YOU will enjoy Lantau island! :-)

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