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So, you're here to know more about the nightlife in Phnom Penh?

The nightlife in Phnom Penh is divided into Asian and Western bars and clubbing. And you have many choices in music: techno, trance, cheesy disco, rock, jazz, salsa and much more! Many popular bars are located on the riverfront.

A lot of them resembles hostess bars, and many of them ARE hostess bars. A hostess bar employs most of the time women, so they can cater the male guests with drinks and attentive conversations.

Phnom Penh's bars and restaurants have Happy Hours, usually starting from 5pm, with drinks less than $ 2-3!

Backpackers should head for Mad Monkey Bar (also a hostel) on street 302 and 51 for good vibe and nice cocktails. For live music and entertainment, you might try Equinox on street 278. If a quieter atmosphere is more your taste, I suggest you try Liquid Bar, located on the same street as Equinox. Standard drinks at Liquid Bar start at $ 2.50.

If you can afford it, I suggest you head for FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club) and have a drink while you're enjoying the river view ;-)

What happened to the partying in Boeng Kak?

Most parts of Boeng Kak area (the previous backpacker area) have been closed since they have gotten rid of the lake. This means that popular bars like Magic Sponge and Drunken Frog have closed. The remaining inhabitants in Boeng Kak are now fighting against evictions.

Read more about Boeng Kak here (opens in a new window)

Pink Elephant Bar
& Restaurant

The Backpacker's hang-out in Phnom Penh!

A lot of backpackers hang out here to eat pizzas and drink beer. Their pizzas are very good and have this nice crust and mozarella cheese.

Pizzas range from $ 4.50 to $ 10 and Angkor drafts cost $ 2!

Cheap drinks, free pool and a relaxed atmosphere! Can it get any better?

Where: 343 Sisowath Quay (riverfront)

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Pontoon Nightclub

Pontoon floats on the Tonle Sap river. Dance to house or electro-tech at this floating bar/restaurant and enjoy the Happy Hours between 5 pm - 8 pm.

They 'hire' domestic and international DJs - DJs like crazy Goldie has played here, and Khmer DJ KK behind Tiny Toones has also played at Pontoon.

A mix of locals and tourists can be found bouncing and drinking here. Every Wednesday is ladies night (free drinks), and the gay community might have some interesting Thursday nights.

Where: At the Western end of street 108

Other bars for the gay community: The Empire, Blue Chili, Rainbow Bar, Heart of Darkness and The Local 2.

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Nightlife in Phnom Penh

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