Shooting Ranges in
Phnom Penh Cambodia

Shooting range in Phnom Penh

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Last updated on April 20, 2012

Do they have a shooting range in Phnom Penh? Yes.

Is it legal? Haha.

After we visited the Killing Fields, our driver from Paragon Hotel asked if we wanted to stop by a firing range on our way to Phnom Penh. My boyfriend went immediately yes, and my guts were screaming no. But what a heck, we went for it.

Preparing for shooting at shooting range in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We were seated and asked if we wanted a beer while we were looking at the "Happy Club menu."

Here are some prices:

Boyfriend shooting in Phnom Penh

AK 47 (Kalashnikov) = $40 (25 bullets)
Hand guns = $30
Grenade launcher = $350

I have to admit that I chickened out the last minute.

I'm not comfortable holding a gun, especially when I've never held a real gun in my life.

Shooting with a Kalashnikov without any practice in advance was just terrifying. My boyfriend, who has been in the military, was of course familiar with guns and went for it!

He borrowed some military clothing, went inside and sat down. Then a Khmer man gave him instructions.

Watch my video clip from the shooting place in Phnom Penh:

Before I knew it, sounds of the bullets exploded in my ears. The Khmer man was holding my boyfriend's shoulder, just in case it went wrong. One minute didn't even pass, and then it was over!

We paid 40 bucks to shoot for less than a minute.

Was it worth it?

My boyfriend was smiling when he finished. He just wanted to have "done it" even if it didn't last that long.

He said to me: "It's a man thing, Amanda :-)"

We weren't the only people there. Two British girls fired some Kalashnikovs as well, and before they left they got to sit/test the tank. In military clothing, they looked like those girls from the movie 'Sucker Punch'.

How to get there:

It's on your way to the airport, about 30 minutes from downtown Phnom Penh. It seems like most Tuk-Tuk drivers know about this place, so it shouldn't be a problem for you to get there.

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