Thailand: World Thai Martial Arts Festival

by Backpacking Tips Asia
(Oslo, Norway)

Celebration of Nai Khanom Tom Day -- Association Institute of Thai Martial Arts & World Muay Thai Federation, and the
Wai-Kru Ceremony Muay Boran & Krabi -- Krabong Seminar Nai Khanom Tom Pro/Championships Belt

Date: 14 - 17 March 2010
Venue: City of Ayutthaya Stadium, Ayutthaya, Thailand

In Muay Thai, the boxer will always preface the fight with Wai Kru and this tradition is still practiced nowadays.

This ceremony is usually performed to rousing Thai music from pipes and drums, and with the initial Ram Muay (the boxing movement). The Wai Kru and Ram Muay are useful, since the boxer gains encouragement from paying homage to his teachers and feels that he is not on his own: he has his teacher and the other teachers of the Muay Thai discipline to support him.

The Wai Kru process will also give him time to concentrate and revise what he has learned, as well as display the nature of his weapons and the high degree of his skill. The steps, movements and use of his weapons are designed to warm up the body's muscles, survey the field of play and conceal the contestant's style of fighting.

When the traditional Sarama music sounds around the ring it is recognized by all who are present as a symbol of deference and respect. Prior to the fight, the music helps to urge the fighter on, and rouses his spirit until he is ready to face his opponent in the boxing ring in manly combat.

For more information:
TAT Call Center: 1672

Have fun! :)

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