The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge

by Mark Lester
(Reading, UK)

Railway Children Charity

Railway Children Charity

We are an independent group of travelers, there are no tour operators or agents as such. We've got a number of native Indians, plus expats, as well as a dozen or so seasoned Indian travelers.

We are going to do a mad dash round the edge of Indian Railways in February 2011, start/finish in Mumbai, Feb 18th-March 5th. We've just 2 nights in a motionless bed, the rest is almost constant traveling. You get to the most westerly, northerly, easterly and southerly parts of the network, plus the highest point on IR on the Darjeeling line, and most coastal at Ramweswaram n the peninsula near Sri Lanka.

It will cost about £300, plus your air fare of course.

We have a blog here
The Great Cicular Indian Rail Challenge
and a facebook group here:

Mark Lester

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