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Ticket to Safe Backpacking
Table of Contents

Here's the table of contents for the eBook:

Ticket to Safe Backpacking:

1. About the e-book
1.1 How to use this guide

2. Travel safety
2.1 Common dangers in SE Asia and India
-- Money dangers
-- Sexual assaults
-- Other possible dangers
2.2 Conflicts and terrorism
-- The Kashmir-conflict
-- Conflict in south Thailand
-- Political demonstrations in Thailand
-- Conflict in south Philippines
-- Terror attacks in Mumbai
-- Other terror attacks in SE Asia
2.3 Natural disasters
2.4 How to execute safety before departure
-- Keep your money and documents safe
-- Get to know the law
-- Local customs
-- Safe packing
2.5 Safety on the way
2.6 Safety while backpacking
-- Belongings
-- Accommodation
-- Trouble with the law
-- Money and documents
-- Attractions and activities
-- Transportation
2.6.1 What embassies can and can't do in an emergency
2.6.2 List of embassies/consulates in Bangkok
2.7 Safety for solo travelers

3. Health safety
3.1 How to practice health safety before departure
3.2 List of health plagues and diseases in SE Asia and India
3.3 How to practice health safety during traveling

4. Scams in SE Asia and India
4.1 Why travelers get scammed
4.2 List of scams in SE Asia and India
4.2.1 Scams and pitfalls in Southeast Asia
4.2.2 Scams and pitfalls in India
4.3 Border crossings in SE Asia and India
4.3.1 Thailand-Laos, Laos-Thailand
4.3.2 Thailand-Cambodia, Cambodia-Thailand
4.3.3 Thailand-Malaysia, Malaysia-Thailand
4.3.4 Laos-Vietnam, Vietnam-Laos
4.3.5 Laos-Cambodia, Cambodia-Laos
4.3.6 Laos-China, China-Laos
4.3.7 Cambodia-Vietnam, Vietnam-Cambodia
4.3.8 Vietnam-China, China-Vietnam
4.3.9 Malaysia-Singapore, Singapore-Malaysia
4.3.10 Malaysia-Indonesia, Indonesia-Malaysia
4.3.11 India-Nepal, Nepal-India
4.3.12 India-Bangladesh, Bangladesh-India
4.4 How to survive a border crossing
4.4.1 Nine things to watch out for at border crossings

5. The New World
5.1 What first-time travelers should expect
5.2 Responsible travel
5.2.1 Why should you be a responsible traveler?
5.2.2 How to execute responsible travel
-- Environment
-- Authentic culture?
-- Attitude
-- Is tipping required?
-- Elephants in Asia – should you ride them or not?
-- Tips when you meet beggars?
-- Trafficking

6. Last Words

Special Part:
Bonus 1: 60 ways of backpacking cheap
Bonus 2: Backpacking checklist (in printable format)
Bonus 3: How to find the right accommodation

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