Trekking in Nepal and Trips to Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim

by Krishna Adhikari
(Kathmandu, Nepal)

We're a team of adventure travelers in Nepal. Our expertise in the traveling industry has now lasted for 14 years.

You have several possibilities for travels and trekking in Nepal! One of the unique options we have is visiting the local people residing in remote areas of Nepal. Our focus is on ecotourism so we can help the local people and give them a chance of developing their livelihood.

Some of the things we want to show you is the real picture of local people and how they're spending their lives in the countryside.

What do we offer?
We offer trekking, rafting, mountain flight, kayaking, canoeing, helicopter tour, bird watching tour, honeymoon tour, sightseeing, jungle safari, rock climbing, peak climbing, pilgrim's tour, Tibet tour, Bhutan tour, paragliding, bungee jump, ecotours, local village tour and much more!

Another treks we have is the tea house trekking where you stop each night to eat and sleep at a tea house. This usually includes the basic meals of the locals in that area.

Want to be a trekking porter?
Get involved in the travel industry as a trekking porter. You start at a basic level. Continue 3 years as a porter in several trekking tours in Nepal. After that, you can continue as a guide assistant for one year. Government of Nepal does the training for trekking porters.

We would also like to get in touch with potential new associates or partners who are interested in Nepal travels and South Asia.

Krishna Adhikari
Acute Trek (P). Ltd.
P.O.Box: 23044
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: 00977-1-4422021
Mobile: 00977-9841433205

Treks Himalaya

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