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Wondering about the shopping opportunities in Vientiane?

Like with other markets in Laos, Vientiane offers a variety of local markets and more luxurious shops.

Talat Sao ("Morning" Market) on Lane Xang Avenue is one of them.

It's not really a morning market. It actually stays open until 4 pm (and opens at 07.00 am). And it's more like a big mall.

Here you can get textiles, shoes, clothing, pillow covers, wooden guitars, weird stuff like opium pipes, pirate CDs/DVDs, too much jewelry, handicrafts, old coins, silk, watches and food (street food stalls are just outside the mall).

I noticed that the prices at Talat Sao were more expensive than in Luang Prabang, so bargain hard! It's difficult to bargain though because the sellers know that if you don't buy their products, other foreigners will buy from them.

Anyway, a tip is to pay 30-50% of the given price!

But also remember that the local sellers are trying to make a living. So, in my opinion there is no need to argue over a thousand kip.

T-shirts and scarves start from $2. You should expect to pay $10 for souvenirs (depends on size and material).

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Shops around
Nam Phou in Vientiane

If you buy some textiles from the market and you're interested in getting it tailored, there are tailor shops around Nam Phou Fountain.

Another shops you'll find around Vientiane are several second-hand book shops, art galleries, more textile and handcrafts shops and photo shops.

I went to a photo shop and burned my photos on a CD for $1,5. CHEAP!

Vientiane is also known for silk boutiques, where Laotian designers have the opportunity to show off their collections. Here you can get clothes in silk and silk-cotton; dresses, tunics and shirts, just to mention a few.

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T'Shop Lai in Vientiane

This is probably one of my favorite shops in Vientiane. It's a good place to buy decent gifts, but some might find the products overpriced.

For instance you can get handicrafts from 30,000 kip, soaps from 15,000 kip and pure body oils from 30,000 kip. Their mosquito repellent is very popular!

Their concept is based on environmental friendliness.

Where: Vat Impeng street

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