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Backpacking Tips Asia has a variety of ebooks that are all digital downloads. They have received good reviews from online travel experts, and are proven to be helpful to backpackers traveling in Asia.

They are:

Map Your Adventure is also divided into shorter ebooks:

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Program Information

  • Generous 40% commission per sale
  • Affiliate program managed and monitored by E-junkie
  • Payment within 7 days of previous months end through PayPal (you must have a PayPal account to receive your payments).
  • 6 month cookies for all products (that means if a visitor you sent to Backpacking Tips Asia comes back 5 months later and purchases another ebook, you still get paid!)
  • Easy set-up with a single hop link that is provided to you after sign up is complete. This will take you to Backpacking Tips Asia book shop page where all products are listed for sale. This is good for you because:

  • All links on the book shop page go to the product specific sales page on the site.
  • Potential buyers see other products they might be interested in, which means more commission for you.
  • After sign-up is complete with E-junkie, you can either contact me and I will provide you with images of all the books to use to promote them on your site (this is the fastest way!), or I will contact you via email to see if you need any images in a few days.

How much can you expect to earn?

It is based on many factors, such as the amount of quality traffic to your site and how well you promote the ebooks.

Join our Affiliate Program!

Important Information

Sites that sign up for the Program will be periodically reviewed. Sites are expected to be content rich with no adult content, pornographic material (either written or images) and cannot be a link farm site that would be considered spam or exists simply to promote digital downloads. Your affiliate link will be removed if this is found to be the case.

E-junkie is extremely secure and a download cannot be used without payment. All downloads are tracked by E-junkie and all payments are tracked by PayPal.

All of the digital e-books are copyrighted. Backpacking Tips Asia own the rights to all materials. You may not, under any circumstances, post any material from the ebooks on your site, including samples, without prior consent.

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