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Last updated on Dec 10, 2010
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Looking for some good Manila nightlife?

My cousin Andros and his friends celebrated his 28th birthday at Hooters in Pasay City in Manila, in January 2010.

After Andros came back from his travels in the Philippines, I surely got intrigued by what he had to tell about Hooters. It's not just an American concept – it's now a global concept penetrating the service branch in Asia, including Manila.

It's a service style concentrated on entertaining men! It's like being at a bachelor party minus the stripping and the touching, and available at all time!

So here's some of the crazy things you can do in Manila: celebrate your birthday at a Hooters restaurant!

One of the first questions I asked Andros was: “Why Hooters, man?”

Andros will take it from here!

Birthday at Hooters, Manila

The birthday group at Hooters in Manila

It wasn't my first time at Hooters! For my birthday I wanted to do a casual celebration since I was getting older. I just wanted to be able to relax and enjoy my birthday, and avoid the typical formalities that usually comes with a birthday. So that's why I ended up doing it the American way, as they call it :-)

Menu at Hooters restaurant in Manila, Philippines

I was curious about the Hooters restaurant in Pasay City and decided to give it a try. What would be better than being surrounded by good-looking Filipina girls in spandex mini-shorts and tight tops...? ;-)

We were lucky to get "Miss TJ" as our waitress for the evening!

They were all sweet, but Miss TJ was the one we got to know best. With a huge smile on her face, she served us the food and drinks we ordered.

Food: What's on a Hooters Menu? We grabbed blue cheese and celery for snacks and 50 pieces of delicious buffalo wings even though we were only six people, haha :P

Buffalo wings at Hooters in Manila

Here are some prices for you:

  • Buffalo wings 5 pieces: 350 PHP
  • Buffalo wings 10 pieces: 450 PHP
  • Buffalo wings 20 pieces: 800 PHP
  • Buffalo wings 50 pieces: 1800 PHP
  • Steamed shrimp: 375-725 PHP
  • Blue Cheese and Celery Snack: 50-95 PHP
  • Gourmet chicken wing dinner: 3300 PHP
  • Boneless wings: 350 PHP
  • Mushroom - Swiss burger: 450 PHP

As soon as we started drinking beer and cocktails, the highlights of the evening started rolling.

Getting ready for drinking shots at Hooters restaurant in Manila

After a while the others revealed to the staff that it was my birthday....! It's then common to celebrate the birthday man.

There was a drinking game, and it's one of the cool things I've experienced at Hooters.

Basically they placed glasses of sports drink in the middle of a table. On top of those glasses they had shots of Jagermeister. The clue here was to hit the shots with an ice cube.

Once you've hit the shots, they of course fall. The birthday kid – that would me – had to drink it all up! ;-)

What so great about Hooters is the sports bar concept.

At Hooters, a man has everything he needs: sports channels and TV, alcohol, fine waitresses and finger food!

I even got a personal birthday greeting:

They told me to sit on a chair. Around me were three hot Hooters waitresses dancing and singing a birthday song - for ME!

I didn't know what to think and believe at that time, but it was fun!

If it's not your birthday you can still get some entertainment at Hooters. Occasionally they dance on the table and sing YMCA :-P

So you see the whole Hooters concept is based on sex appeal and attractive waitresses (of course men are hired too). They play a central and large role in defining Hooters.

Where: San Miguel by the bay, right by Mall of Asia in Pasay City, Manila

Open: Mon - Thurs: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
Fri - Sat: 12:00 pm - 2:00 am
Sun: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am

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