Bed bugs in Thailand and Cambodia?

by Anonymous
(United States)

Question: Do I need to worry about bed bugs? I will be traveling in Thailand and Cambodia. If we are willing to pay a little more can it be avoided? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

Answer: I've experienced bed bugs at cheap guesthouses, only once in Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia, but not in Thailand.

I don't why; it might be that they don't have the budget to treat the mattresses, or maybe the bed bugs were transferred from another source. And sometimes it's not about the type of accommodation. I've stayed at really cheap hostels in Malaysia, but there were no bed bugs.

Either way, bring a thin bed sheet with you, it always helps! If you have a particular guesthouse or hotel in mind, read reviews about it. Use Tripadvisor or other forums. If an earlier guest has noticed bed bugs, it will in most cases reflect in online reviews! ;)

To be sure, you should bring a thin sheet or buy a cotton travel liner. Pay for only one night first, see if you like the place. If there are bed bugs, move on the next day or complain and get your money back.

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Nov 13, 2011
Anti-histamine and tiger balm!
by: Erin

Regarding bedbugs I traveled over four months in Asia and didn't get bitten until the end of my trip (it was in a lonely planet recommended guesthouse). The bites cleared up in a few days with the help of anti-histamine and tiger balm.

The reality is bedbugs have nothing to do with how clean/dirty a place is as they can survive almost anything and are tough to get rid of. Only one bedbug has to hitch a ride on a piece of luggage to infest a new place. They are also quite tiny and sometimes hard to spot.

Its a wise idea to carry anti-histamine with you (purchased from home) as well as tiger balm (bought in asia cheap), so if you are unfortunate you can treat the bites.

I didn't meet many people who had been bitten, from my experience about 25% of people run into them. Keep in mind they only ruin your day, not your trip!

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