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What do you need to know about Thailand?

Thailand has earned its reputation as the Land of Smiles. It shares borders with Myanmar (former Burma), Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia.

Thailand has been a favorable must-see destination for backpackers and of course, tourists.

If you're backpacking in Southeast Asia, you have to stop by Thailand.

Let me tell you why!

  • It's practical

Bangkok is the gateway to Southeast Asia and is the major backpacker destination. It's the perfect start point for the journey to the neighboring countries because of the large selection of transportation options. Most international airlines travel via Bangkok in contrary to, say, Phnom Penh.

Entrance to temple in Chang Mai, Thailand
  • The accommodation, food and drinks are cheap! You will save money if you go backpacking here! Because of the tough competition among guesthouses, hotels and restaurants, prices are considered low. 
  • Southern Thailand has some of the most beautiful islands with excellent diving and snorkeling spots.
  • In Northern Thailand, you'll find stunning scenery where you can trek and spend time with the mystical ethnic minorities. There's also an abundance of fascinating temples (wats) in Chiang Mai. 
  • If you get to know the Thailand culture, it will certainly melt your heart.
  • Every backpacker who has been to Thailand talks about their stay in the Land of Smiles.... Ever thought about finding what the fuss is all about?

One of my readers, Alex, shares his adventures from Thailand. They traveled in Thailand for 4 weeks!

Watch his amazing video from Thailand:

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Thailand Weather

Don't know when to travel to Thailand?

Interested in diving, but you don't know how good the water visibility is?

In this article I will explain you about the climate and the weather in Thailand.

Welcome to Thailand Weather!

Statue in Thailand, ©iStockphoto.com/Suthin Soonthornnont

Thailand Culture

As a backpacker, you should know about the common customs in Thailand.

To prepare you as much as possible, I will guide you through the most important customs.

Are you ready?

Click onto the link for Thailand Culture!

Ayutthaya in Thailand, ©iStockphoto.com/Lars Madsen

History of Thailand

The history of Thailand is full of Kings, wars, massacres and coups!

Every attraction in Thailand holds a secret history. If you want to make the best out of your sightseeing in The Land of Smiles, I suggest you read this simple approach of history of Thailand ;-)!

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