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Arm yourself with safety knowledge
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Put your mind at ease and gain that travel confidence.

  • Is it your first time backpacking in Asia?

  • Are you a backpacking beginner who's anxious about your safety?

  • Do you have a little experience with backpacking in Asia, but still need the whole safety package?

  • Are you uncertain about the dangers in Asia, and don't know how to prepare yourself?

Now you can be prepared and feel more confident, even without any travel experience.

"If I were heading to Southeast Asia for the first time, this is the book I would want to read before going."
-Leyla Giray

Ticket to safe backapcking is all-in-one complete guide to safe backpacking for beginners, compiled into 99 pages!

"Ticket to Safe Backpacking is no-nonsense, no frills, straight to the point - just packed with tips of what to do when crossing borders, looking for accommodation or changing money, all aimed at the novice traveler. No fluff, no filler, only the facts (...) Amanda Jane's book is a brilliant primer."

Leyla Giray

"I have been travelling for 4 months a year since 2004. Your ebook certainly reminded me of many things I experienced in a similar way. It is excellent advice for beginners."

Amei Binns

What You'll Find in this eBook:

    Travel Safety
    Common dangers in Southeast Asia and India (theft, robbery, sexual assaults, conflicts, terrorism, natural disasters)

    How to execute safety before departure, Safety on the way, Safety while backpacking

    How to travel safely on buses and trains in the region

    How to execute safety as a solo traveler

    How to take care of yourself in case of accidents and emergencies

    What embassies can and can't do in an emergency and list of embassies/consulates in Bangkok

    Health Safety
    How to practice health safety before departure and while backpacking

    List of health plagues and diseases in SE Asia and India

I haven't held any secrets or details back - all of it is in the eBook.

Yes, it gets even better!

My website Backpacking Tips is truly detailed and heavily researched - but not every piece of information I hold is on the website.

Also, these following subjects aren't covered on Backpacking Tips

    Anti-Scam Safety
    Lists of scams and pitfalls in Southeast Asia and India, and first-hand tips on how to avoid them

    12 pages containing step-by-step guide on how to survive a border crossing.

    For your convenience I've added a list and maps of common border crossings in the region.

    Responsible Travel
    A detailed section on what to expect as a first-time traveler; anything from poverty to new cultures

    How to be a responsible traveler; whether it regards environment, attitude, tipping, begging and much more.

Click here to take a look at the table of contents of Ticket to Safe Backpacking -- backpacking basics (opens in a new window)

Ticket to Safe Backpacking Guide

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"Heard about the scams in Asia
and don't want to become a victim?"

A tuk-tuk in Thailand
Backpacking basics
Backpacking in foreign countries might sound intimidating. The culture, food, and infrastructure are all new to you. Traveling is a great life-time experience, but...

...some cold, hard facts: Traveling in developing countries is not all 'glamor and glow'.

In for instance Thailand, there were 15 million tourists and backpackers during 2010. That means the locals are quite used to tourism and can make an honest living out of it. But some locals are dishonest and will try to lure you.

It doesn't matter if it's the local guy in the street, the rickshaw driver or the immigration officer -- they will some how try to make a couple of extra dollars. In some cases, the scams are a lot more serious and involves thousands of dollars.

So, how do you avoid the con artists and scammers? Be prepared.

In Ticket to Safe Backpacking I will show you exactly how to avoid the pitfalls and scams while backpacking in Southeast Asia and India.

    Avoid embarrassing mistakes that leave you feeling ashamed, regretful and stupid - emotions which can leave a sad mark on your backpacking trip.

    Being aware of scams will save you lots of money - money which you can use for other things like cool activities, shopping, more beers or more exciting travel adventures. Who wouldn't be happy to spend that money on more fun with travel friends?

    The knowledge on how to dodge scams will enhance your travel experience.

    You've paid a great deal of money to have a great adventure and not to be tricked by con artists. Your time on the road is valuable and can't be wasted.

In my eBook Ticket to Safe Backpacking you get a detailed list of scams.

For instance; the Cambodia-visa-scam, tuk-tuk and rickshaw scams, border crossing scams, gem scams and much more. Because I've been a victim myself, you get first-hand information on how to avoid these scams.

Ticket to Safe Backpacking Guide

Use PayPal to pay for the eBook - the safest and most secure online payment method. Add to Cart 99 pages
Only $12.95(USD)
100% money-back guarantee

peter van der lans cycling in malaysia
Backpacking basics
"Considering myself a seasoned traveler, I didn't expect much new for my own use in Amanda's Ticket to Safe Backpacking. I was wrong.

The value of this eBook is not just for novice backpackers, heck not even for seasoned travelers.

This eBook is of excellent value for all travelers, young and old, novice or experienced (although the focus is on South East Asia and India) (...)

I would recommend this eBook to every novice and seasoned traveler, not only backpackers but also those who come on bicycle, heck even business travelers who have a few spare days to spend in cities like Bangkok, Manila or Delhi. This book is your entrance to safe travel with a focus on backpacking in south east Asia and India but the book can be used by all travelers, backpackers, cyclists, tour group travelers and businessmen alike. Highly recommended!"

Peter van der Lans

Backpacking basics
"Ticket to Safe Backpacking" specifies a large amount of information on how to travel in SEA safely yet comfortably, with plenty of simple tips that will make a difference and give a heads up on what to expect before arriving.

Amanda has done a thorough research for this book that will, without a doubt, help weary travelers feel comfortable and prepared. Brilliant!"

Federico Arrizabalaga

Ticket to Safe Backpacking Guide

Use PayPal to pay for the eBook - the safest and most secure online payment method. Add to Cart 99 pages
Only $12.95(USD)
100% money-back guarantee

"How did I discover
these backpacking safety tips?"

me at trivandrum train station in india
Backpacking basics

I have hands-on experience with travel safety. Sometimes you need to be the victim to become the expert.

Since 2007 I've been backpacking in Asia, visiting countries like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India and the Philippines.

I went solo traveling in Southeast Asia and India for months and it was the best time of my life.

When I first went backpacking, I didn't know what a heck I was getting into! I didn't read any travel guides or travel forums before departure - all I could trust was my travel companions!

I wish I was more prepared.

Through a lot of mistakes and near-to-death happenings, I developed a huge amount of experience while backpacking.

And it doesn't stop there: I have the advantage of having a traveling family. Since I was a kid we have always been traveling, to Europe, North America and Asia. My first solo trip was to South Africa when I was 22 years old.

So you can say that I have extensive experiences with traveling ;-)

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Just to top things off, I've also added three extra bonuses to Ticket to Safe Backpacking:

Bonus 1: 60 ways of backpacking cheap
(Valued at $4.95)

In the website I've already covered 36 ways of traveling cheap, so this time you will get 60 tips! It covers anything from accommodation to cheap flights!

Bonus 2: A Master Backpacking Checklist - in printable format
(Valued at $2.85)

This master checklist includes everything you need to bring and do before departure divided into time lines, for instance 6 months before departure, 3 months, 2 weeks, the day before and the big day!

All you got to do is print out this checklist and it's ready to be checked off!

backpacking checklist print shot
Backpacking basics

Bonus 3: How to find the right accommodation
(Valued at $5.95)

This 18-page resource guides you on how to find the right accommodation for you in SE Asia and India -- divided into four simple steps. To make it easier for you, I've also added suggestions on accommodations in different price categories; budget, mid-priced and luxury.

This guide has never been released on Backpacking Tips So, it's all exclusive :-)

accommodation print shot
Backpacking basics

"Ticket to Safe Bacpacking is a well laid out e-book on one of our favourite travel destinations. The comprehensive guide is filled with lots of useful tips on how to travel safely in Asia from someone who obviously knows the subject well (...)"

Becky Padmore

Start gaining travel confidence

...for just $ 12.95!

ticket to safe backpacking 3D cover
Backpacking basics
I'm sure you agree that the information on how to avoid scams and pitfalls is priceless. By buying this book you're in fact saving money that you would have otherwise lost to scammers.

You can access Ticket to Safe Backpacking for only $12.95 - about the same price you'd pay for a first aid kit.

The book is valued at $19.

Get well prepared with Ticket to Safe Backpacking - 99 pages of useful and reliable safety advice. Avoid getting ripped off by scammers.

By being prepared you avoid frustration!

You don't have to go through the same long learning curve I did to figure out the safety measures and scams that are out there. It's all here in one book :-)

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"There is so much information in Ticket to Safe Backpacking that you'll find yourself wanting to return to the book often for references, reminders and tips before, during and even after your trip (...) There is good information in this book for people heading to India and South East Asia. It is not only personal accounts and stories but fact filled information that will save you time and money."


Have fun reading this guide! :-)

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