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The Best Travel Story

"What's your backpacking secret?"

Do you have a travel secret or a funny/cool travel story? Any recommendations for travel destinations in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines or India? Got any tips on where to sleep, shop, eat? Share your travel secrets, stories and tips right here on Backpacking Tips! We would love to hear it!

So why should you
share your travel secret or story?

To shake things up, I'm holding a contest!

Here's the deal:

If your travel story is the best, you'll win a FREE travel goodie! I will also publish the winner's story -- and the winner gets all the credit and his/her own page on Backpacking Tips!

If your story wins, I will announce your name on this page. You have to contact me and give me your home address. Then I will ship the goodies for free!

When does the contest start?

The contest starts NOW!

When I'm going to announce the winner depends on the amount of contributions. So start writing!

How do I do this?

Write about WHY this story is important to you, and make it PERSONAL! ;-) It's also an extra plus for you if you can enchance your story with a great picture. Don't you agree?

Examples: "Your Bicycle Trip to Angkor," "Taking a Diving Class on Koh Tao," "My Hike to the Himalayas" etc.

Here's an example of how you can do it. A real story from a real guest writer: My great experiences from Bodghaya -- How I was invited to an Indian wedding (opens in a new window)

This is a win-win situation, what are you waiting for...?! ;-)


Share Your Backpacking Story/Tips
Right Here

Have A Great Travel Story?

Every backpacker has a travel story to tell, maybe even a travel secret or two... Do you have one? Well, I'm dying to find out!

Show yourself and tell us about it! ;-)

PS: I reserve the right to delete a submission if it's not original, duplicate content, or if it's too short.

By original I mean the content is NOT copied from another website. That also means your own website. I will check if the content you provide is duplicate or not. Sorry for sounding strict, but I aim to deliver excellent and original content to my readers - that's my priority no. 1.

Any submission below 300 words will be deleted.

Enter Your Title (ex. "My Hike to the Himalayas")

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