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Here's a list of free tutorials which you can use for your backpacking trip to Asia. They're meant to guide you on the budget and packing area. Budget is one of the most frequently asked questions on this site and elsewhere, and that's why I've created a budget tutorial (see the tutorial below). 

I will add more free tutorials as long as my creativity is still growing! :-)

Feel free to share the tutorials with friends and family!

How does it work?
Click on the links and they will open in a new window. All files are in PDF - you need Adobe Reader to read them. You can also print and copy the files, but remember to leave an attribution to Backpacking Tips Asia.

To print, you need to save the document to your computer first. In Firefox, click on 'File' then 'Save Page As'.

This covers 3 week-8 month trips and includes, clothing, accessories, toiletries, footwear, money and documents, backpacking essentials, gear, electronics and a separate section for 'additional items to consider'.

Includes budget examples for main Southeast Asian countries (not Singapore) and India. You can't copy this document, only print out.

  • Tutorial: Packing List for India - female (coming soon!)
  • Tutorial: Packing List for India - male (coming soon!)
  • Guide: Price list for shopping items in Thailand (coming soon!)
  • Guide: Price list for shopping items in India (coming soon!)

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