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Last updated on Nov 15, 2013


There are so many interesting and unusual facts about India - and I've tried to limit this article to a few worthy ones! ;-)

  • The Indian railway is the world's largest commercial employer with approximately 1.5 million employees. Its route length is impressive as well - 63,327 kilometers!
  • Where do you think diamonds originally came from? - Well, according to the first recorded history, diamonds are believed to date back 3000 years in...India.
  • Cows are respected as sacred animals in Hinduism, but yet a cow ritual is performed in Jodhur Palace according to the Hindu calendar.
  • India is the 7th largest country in the world!
  • One of the largest slums in the world is located in Mumbai. It's called Dharavi.
  • The Indian film industry produces about 1200 movies a year, compared to Hollywood who produces 700 a year.
  • The Thar Desert in India is believed to be Asia's 3rd largest desert. The Sahara desert is number one, and it's 45 times bigger than the Thar.
  • It is believed that chess was invented in India!
  • Tiger is the national animal of India! The national bird is peacock (not a surprise!)
  • Why do Indian people bath in the Ganges river? - Even though Ganges is one of the dirtiest rivers in the world, bathing is thought to wash away their sins.

5 Good Reasons to Visit India

Himalayas in Kashmir, India, ©
  • India is a symbol of striking contrasts: beauty and ugly, chaos and peace, wilderness and laziness - a country that will suit anyone's taste.
  • Backpacking in India is very cheap! Meals for half a dollar are practically everywhere, and accommodation prices can be very low, even in the big cities! Even though I gained 3,5 kilos during my trip in India, I don't regret one gram of extra fat in my body! The food is just too delicious and cheap!
  • The diversity of India is endless: from tropical forests to deserts, from chilly, white mountains to beach paradise!
An Indian woman and her child, ©

You can go trekking in the Himalayas, sunbathe on the gorgeous beaches of Goa, try camel-riding in Rajasthan, visit the lovely tea gardens of Darjeeling - and the list keeps going on!

You will definitely have no problems in finding activities, the problem is which ones to choose!

  • Help the locals!

Approximately 25% of India's population is living under the poverty line.

One of dozens ways of helping them is to visit the popular "Mother House for the sick and dying" in Calcutta where you can comfort dying people, and help them to achieve some dignity before they pass away.

Here are some poverty statistics in India: According to 2011 statistics, 1,21 billion people live in the country.

Despite the fact that India it a strong competitor in world economy, the poverty in eight Indian states correspond to 26 of Africa's poorest countries (Human Development Report 2010). There are about 421 million Indians who live in these eight states. 69% of the Indian population don't have access to sanitary equipment.

  • The culture in India... ...will surprise you, amaze you, make you smile, agitate you, confuse you - the rich and diverse Indian culture has been colored by various customs, religions, and international influcence. India's culture can't be matched by any other cultures in the world!

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Facts about India

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