Budget: Backpacking in Asia of 6-8 weeks

by Donna

Question: Myself and a friend are thinking about backpacking across Asia mid July time. We have around 6-8 weeks time wise, and would like to take in parts of India, Nepal, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia. I was wondering what would best the best way of booking flights, and a rough costing of how much traveling money we would need excluding flights.

In euros as we're IRISH :D


Answer: Hey, your budget depends on your standard of traveling...

For more information and about daily costs, click on this link

It's hard to generalize an amount because there are regional differences within countries as well. In general, based on the countries you've listed above, you can survive on a monthly budget of 220 EUROS. In other words, some travelers have survived on a 10 USD a day/7-8 EUROS.

You can spend less money in India, Laos, Vietnam and some parts of Thailand and Cambodia, but again, it depends on your preferences. 200 EUROS a month includes accommodation and three meals.

A more common budget for many travelers per month range between 900-1200 EUROS. If you want to "live a little", I would say a monthly budget of 1200 EUROS. This includes a mix of cheap and mid-priced accommodation, local food and drinks, a few activities (like small entrance fees, and not diving courses and stuff like that), some shopping and transportation between cities. Visas and flights are not included!

1200 EUROS has always been my "security" budget, and only once have I actually reached this limit.

I haven't been Nepal, so I can't say anything personal about it. But accommodation and food are supposed to be cheap.

If you want a flexible itinerary I suggest you book flights when you're there. But of course, you're not guaranteed cheap flights if you book flights in Asia. There are plenty of domestic airlines flying across and within these countries.

For example: Air Asia, Nok Air (Thailand), Jet Airways, Kingfisher etc (India) and so on.



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