India: Pack rain coat and boots for the rainy season?

by Chava
(United States)

Question: Hey, I'm traveling to India from end of September to end of November. I'm reading all over that the climates and temperatures change drastically in India depending on the region (hot hot to rainy and freezing). Does that mean I should really be packing sandals and tees but also a coat and boots?

Answer: Do you have a rough idea on where to go? The monsoon is heavier in the south than the north.

I would just bring an umbrella OR a light plastic poncho which you can throw afterwards. The main rainy season usually stops in October. When I was in Mumbai, Goa and Jaipur in early Oct, it didn't rain that much. From mid Oct to end of Oct it gradually became sunnier and hotter.

I don't think you should bring rain boots, it's just too humid and hot there. Your feet would suffocate. Rain coat is too hot as well, unless it's light and breathable. Rubber sandals are enough. And the main rainy season will anyways end in October. So if you're traveling longer than Oct, it would be just a burden to bring rain boots. Unless you're planning on walking through forests during the rainy season, you don't need the boots.


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