Itinerary advice: Backpacking in Southeast Asia for 2 months


Question: Hey! I'm a 20 year old woman from Scandinavia who want to spend about 2 months in Asia. I can stretch it to max. 2,5 months. I was wondering if my itinerary was too optimistic. At first I was planning to see one of the islands of Indonesia as well, but I don't want to rush around.

Arrive in Bangkok and spend maybe 3-4 weeks going trough some of mainland Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Flying from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore (instead of Jakarta, like I first planned) and then spending a month more or so traveling north to Bangkok again (maybe stopping here and there for some days). And having about a week at a beautiful beach in Thailand as a relaxing finish of the trip, before I head back to Bangkok.

I'm worried it might be either too little or too much. I don't wanna stress around, but I also don't want to end up getting bored and feeling like I have too much time (will this ever happen in Asia??)

Also, where do you recommend to travel in Cambodia and Vietnam? Along the coast or further in on the mainland? I'm not a fan of big cities.

I appreciate all advice! :)

Answer: Hello, you haven't mentioned WHEN you're planning on traveling... :-)

Yes, visiting 4 countries in 2 months is ambitious considering you're a person who doesn't like to rush.

Don't know much of mainland places in Thailand you can visit on your way to Cambodia -- which are worth visiting (unless it's islands).

Here's a suggestion of itinerary based on the information you've just given (between 2-2,5 months):

Thailand: 5 days
--> Bangkok (4-5 days)
You can't get bored in Bangkok -- there are a lot of things to see and do in this city. Visit the Big Buddha, snake farm, go shopping, take the river "cruise", get lost in Banglamphu area and eat lots of delicious food. From Bangkok you can take a day trip to Kanchanaburi to see the Tiger Temple (mainland).

Cambodia: 12 days
--> Border cross to Cambodia
--> Siem Reap (Angkor park 1-3 days up to you. 1 day is sufficient for the main temples)
--> Phnom Penh (Killing Fields, Genocide Museum + some main attractions in the center of the city. This will take you 2-3 days and then you'll probably get bored :P
--> Sihanoukville (beach, 1 week)

Vietnam: 2,5 weeks
--> Border cross to Vietnam via Saigon
--> Mui Ne (relaxed beach town)
--> Dalat (mainland, recommended, go trekking in the mountain region or to just get away from the polluted cities)
--> Nha Trang (beach, but more touristy than Mui Ne)
--> Hoi An (small, colonial town and at the same beaches there)
--> Back to Saigon

Malaysia: 3 weeks
--> Fly from Saigon to Kuala Lumpur (4 days)
--> Cameron Highlands for trekking
--> Islands
As I said I don't know when you're planning on traveling, so I don't know which islands and places to recommend to you in Malaysia. From June to Aug you can travel on the east coast of Malaysia, and visit the Perhentians (you should go there, it's beyond beautiful), and Redang which is nearby for excellent snorkeling. Time goes fast on these islands, so you can easily spend 1,5-2 weeks in total on both of these islands.

South Thailand: 1,5 week
--> Border cross to south Thailand
--> From here you can choose to stop by Ko Tarutao. Heard that Koh Lipe is amazing and lots of fish to see there while diving/snorkeling.
--> Back to Bangkok

Get bored in Asia? It's matter of personal preferences. If you get bored you move on :-) If you love it, stay longer.


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