Malaysian itinerary for one month

by Steven Wright
(Ontario, Canada)

Question: Hi, I will be travelling to mainland Malaysia for the month of March 2011 and was just wondering if you could give me a brief itinerary that would include any "must not miss things", beaches and small towns. I would like to travel by bus primarily and stay in hostels. Is there any good snorkeling or jungle trails to see? How long do you think it would take to see the sights of KL?
Thank you in advance.

Answer: Hey Steven, here's a rough itinerary for one month in Malaysia.

First of all, I'd like to say that between November to early March, it's the monsoon season on the east coast of Malaysia. Must-see beaches in Malaysia would definitely be the Perhentians, located on the east coast.

--> Start in KL: 3 days

Must-see things in KL: You should definitely start your journey in Chinatown where you can gorge in delicious Nasi dishes, take a walk around the area and get lost in Little India -- which is in the neighborhood. In Chinatown you'll find cheap accommodation and hostels. I would recommend Museum of Islamic Arts and Masjid Negara. The Planetarium is not worth the trip (in my opinion).

Merdeka Square is also an important attraction, but I think there's more action at this site during the holidays and special events. Otherwise it's "just" a park. Anyways, you'll probably see Merdeka Square on your way to Masjid Negara.

--> Fly from KL to Tawau (Sabah, Borneo) to visit Sipadan and Mabul Island outside Semporna: 1 week

I highly recommend the snorkeling and diving around Mabul and Sipadan island. The snorkeling and diving there is much better than Thailand! It's world-class, and a must-see if you're in Borneo. You can go snorkeling year round. But March to Nov is the diving season, and hence the best visibility.

--> Fly back to KL

For cheap flights, try Air Asia.

--> Go jungle trekking in Taman Negara National Park: 3 days (duration depends on how much you want to trek)

Taman Negara is Malaysia's largest national park, and some say that Taman Negara is the world oldest rainforest. I haven't tried any jungle trails in Taman Negara, but Rick can help you. Check out his site:

--> Perhentians: 1 week

I'm quite sure that I'm not the only one who thinks that Perhentians are the most beautiful islands in Malaysia, with crystal clear water, white beaches and relaxed atmosphere. Every one I know who has been to the Perhentian islands rave about them!

--> Redang Island: 1 week

Redang is supposed to be fantastic for snorkeling and diving in terms of rich underwater life and great visibility, and some of the most gorgeous islands in Malaysia. For more information, visit Peter's site: Redang.

You can also go jungle trekking in Redang

--> Back in KL: 2 days

Go shopping, night clubbing and eat more great Malaysian food before you return home.

Kuala Lumpur Shopping

--> HOME

How long for the sights in KL? It depends on what you want to see.... If you want to see Masjid Negara and Museum of Islamic Arts, that takes you less than a day. For museums in KL I would recommend 1-2 hours. It also depends on how interested you are in art and history.


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