My Great Experiences from Bodhgaya -- How I was Invited to an Indian Wedding

by Željka
(Lindau, Germany)

Wedding in Bodhgaya, Photo Courtesy of Željka

Wedding in Bodhgaya, Photo Courtesy of Željka

On my way to daily meditation at Mahabodi Temple in Bodhgaya, I was stopped by two teenagers. So, one of them could speak very good English and the another one couldn't speak English at all -- not even a word.

So, the one who could speak English, didn't ask for money, but he asked if I could help his friend by buying a Sanskrit-English dictionary. That's because his friend was so poor and needed to learn English for school.

Of course I didn't say no. So they took me, through alleys of Bodhgaya, one left, one right, across the street... Oh my good, I thought to myself "WHAT ARE YOU DOING GIRL???"

Then I arrived at this store, some kind of little improvised shop, built of some sheets, and ta ta ta, there we were...

So the sales man wanted 15 euros for this book, which was dirty and in a bad condition. I made a deal. I told them that I'm going to pay 5 euros and no cent more. Take it or leave it :)

Well, he agreed. I bought the book for the little friend of mine and they were so grateful. Then we split on the way back to the temple.

Later on, on my way home, I met those guys again... They were running towards me, yelling..."HEY YOU, HEY!" I thought: "WHAT NOW? Should I buy another book???"
I stopped. "So what`s up guys?" I asked, and he said: "We're going to a wedding, we would like to take you with us, to say thanks, because we consider you now as our family...!"

I was really surprised :)

I went along, and they introduced me to a whole family! I stayed with them to celebrate a wedding till 4 am. Just like that.

It was funny, colorful and loud. I was amazed by how this people, having nothing, are able to share the most beautiful moments in life with some alien, who just dropped in by chance. They were curious about my life and how come I was alone there, so far away from home :)

Nice experience indeed! :)


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Aug 10, 2010
hehe so cute :)
by: chava

Love this story, it's so wonderful. Makes the world seem so much more human. Not just on their part-for showing gratitude and appreciation by reciprocating the kind deed, but by you as well--for not brushing them off as so many would.

Thumbs up!

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