Suggested itinerary for Asia, traveling for 6-7 months


Hello Amanda,

I will be backpacking for the first time around Asia in October 2012 and am hoping to stay for 6-7 months. The only countries I have decided on visiting so far are Cambodia, Vietnam, and India.

Can you recommend an itinerary from the UK?

Thank you.

Hey, sorry for the late reply :S

If you want a more specific itinerary, I need you to answer these questions :)

What kind of activities are you interested in? Mountain? Trekking? Mostly beaches? There are a lot of places to see in Asia and you can cover many of them in 6-7 months.

I would probably start a journey from UK to India (1 month), and from there take a flight to Thailand to do the 'Southeast Asia loop'. From Thailand you can border cross to Laos (from north Thailand). Laos is fantastic and since you have time, it should be added to your list :) From Laos you can border cross to north Vietnam, travel to south Vietnam and visit beaches or go to the mountain of Dalat. Cu Chi channels are a must when you're in Saigon.

From south Vietnam you can border cross to east Cambodia, border cross back to Thailand, work your way to south Thailand. From south Thailand you can cross the border to Malaysia. PS: Penang island is a must in Malaysia! :)

India (4 weeks), North Thailand (3 weeks), Laos (3 weeks), Vietnam (1 month), Cambodia (3 weeks), South Thailand (2 weeks), Malaysia (3 weeks) = 5,5 months.

The remaining 2 weeks I would probably spend more time in India since there's so much to see there, or visit Indonesia. There are lots of domestic flights to Indonesia from for instance Malaysia.

If you can stretch the trip up to 7 months, an alternative is to cross the border from north India to Nepal and stay there for 2 weeks, and travel onwards to south China. From south China you can border cross to north Vietnam, travel to south Vietnam, border cross to Cambodia, then border cross to south Laos and travel to north of Laos, and from there border cross to north Thailand, working your way to south Thailand and Malaysia.

PS: Just remember that you only have 14 days of stay in Thailand when you border cross from one of its neighboring countries (by air it's 30 days for UK citizens).

Just ask if there's anything else!

Amanda :)
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Posted: August 3, 2012

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