Cycling in Angkor

by Peter

In front of Angkor Wat

In front of Angkor Wat

There is no better way to experience the beauty of Angkor than on a bicycle. Forget the motorbikes, rickshaws, taxis -- just get a bicycle!

Reason is simple. You want the tranquility of the area. You want to feel as if you are back in the days of when Angkor was in full swing. Riding a bicycle doesn't give you that experience but it is as close as you can get.

A three day visit to Angkor is a must, I think. One day and you only see Angkor Wat and Bayon. Rush hush. Do you come all the way to rush around? Exactly!

So, I went to Angkor. Actually I went there 3 times, by bicycle. It's a wonderful ride to Siem Reap from the Thai border and an equally wonderful ride to Phhom Penh. If you want to find out the "real Cambodia", again a bicycle is the way to go. However, most people don't have that time. See my cycling in Cambodia page

And then you ride into the Angkor area... the first sight you see is the southern wall of Angkor Wat. This alone is a real kick in the butt.

You go left, cycle around Angkor Wat, just look from afar and then you go in. Come in the morning when it is less busy. Find a tower and just sit. Allow yourself to drown into the atmosphere, if you are lucky you can almost hear the chanting of the monks and the music with the little dancers in front of you.

There is way too much to recommend in the city of Angkor Thom. The Bayon is of course the most famous. Here too you can still feel the old days. The Elephant terrace,
Ta Phrom and Neak Phrea are some I would recommend as "must visits".

But yes, some get bored after the first temple. I can't get enough of it! And on the bicycle you can enjoy the real beauty of Angkor the best.

I know not everyone is the same, but hey, if you come from the other side of the globe, please take your time and enjoy Angkor. It's magic, pure magic...


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