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Looking for a place to stay in Ao Nang?

Even if Ao Nang is touristy and hotels and resorts are dominating, there are a few budget options in town :-)

There are a few budget options near Ao Nang beach, and some 5-10 minutes from downtown Ao Nang.

How is the standard? Well, you normally get what you pay for. If you're staying at a hotel, you'll have access to typical hotel facilities. Cleanliness varies, so read reviews beforehand if you're picky about where you're staying.

Popeye Guesthouse

Price per night: 500 B

Popeye has received good reviews from backpackers because of the cleanliness and good value.

You get air-con, TV, safe and hot water for 500B! Such good prices don't come often.

Where: In front of Dream Bar

Laughing Gecko

Bungalow at Laughing Gecko in Ao Nang, Thailand

Price per night: 180-900 B (dorms cost 180 B per person)

Didn't stay here but Laughing Gecko is a family-run bungalow place, and it's known for friendly atmosphere and a good restaurant. Their huts are very simple and are made from all natural thatched bamboo.

They also provide buffet dinners (150-200B per person)! :-)

Dinner at Laughing Gecko in Ao Nang, Thailand

Where: Nopparathara Beach in Ao Nang

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PK Mansion

Price per night: 600-1000 B (fan rooms), 800-1200B (AC-rooms)

My simple fan room on the 1st floor was spacious, with attached bathroom and hot water. And one of the hardest beds I've slept on. I think the rooms in the upper floors are much nicer.

Something to think about...

If I were you, I would avoid a room on the 1st floor. There were ants crawling under the crack of the door, and onto my bed. I don't know if it was just bad luck or not...!

But either way, its excellent location make up for this. I could just walk right out, and the beach would be three minutes away!

PK Mansion also offers internet access, and they have a small restaurant serving Western breakfast and lunch (right by the entrance). I ate one breakfast here, and it was OK. But I preferred the better food at the food stalls, just across the road.

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J Hotel

Price per night: 600-2000 B (fan/AC-room in the high/peak season)

Note: The hotel was packed when I arrived in Jan 2008, so I had to crash in an expensive room (1400 B).

If you're looking for some luxury, definitely try J Hotel! Comfortable, clean, large AC rooms with attached bathroom, hot showers, TV and balcony. And some rooms come with a hot tub (mine did!)

Downstairs you have (expensive) internet access, and the staff will gladly arrange tours. I arranged a minivan to Khao Lak through J Hotel, which was effortless.

If I would to stay in Ao Nang again, it would definitely be here!

Address: 23/3 Moo 2, Ao Nang Beach

J Hotel has received very good reviews from travelers, and I'm one of them. Read other reviews of J Hotel at Tripadvisor

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Best-rated accommodation
in Ao Nang

Not found a room you like? Here are some guesthouses/budget hotels in Ao Nang, rated quite good at Tripadvisor.

  • Ao Nang Backpacker Hostel: 150-300 B per night dorm (low to peak season)
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  • Scandinavian Residence: from 1,100 B per night (high season)

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  • Ao Nang Goodwill: 1,300-1,500 B per night (high/peak season)

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  • Harvest House: from 1,500 B per night

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  • Green Lemon House: from 1,900 B per night (high season)

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  • Haleeva Resort: from 2,000 B per night (high season)

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