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Massage in Kerala Kovalam Beach

"My experiences with the Ayurveda massage
in Kerala Kovalam Beach"

"Massage in Kerala" was last updated on April 19, 2012
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When you're traveling in India, it's a must to try an Ayurvedic massage. India is renowned for ayurveda, and especially ayurveda treatment in Kerala.

Ayurveda is an ancient traditional system of medicine, and it's considered to be the oldest system of health care.

It is said that the practice of ayurveda is designed to promote human happiness, health and creative growth.

In Kovalam, I tried the ayurvedic powder massage. The main goal with powder massage is to strengthen the muscles, but you also get a fantastic side effect. And that is baby smooth skin!

On the bus from Trivandrum to Kovalam, I sat next to a lady who first asked where I was going.

Afterward she told me that she owned a massage parlor near Lighthouse Beach. She had over 20 years of experience in ayurveda massage and invited me to the massage parlor called Anjaneya Ayurvedic Health Center, located inside Hotel Surya Beach Resort.

Massage at anjaneya ayurvedic health center in Kovalam
Massage in Kerala Kovalam Beach: Anjaneya Ayurvedic Health Center

I thought "what a hell" and gave it a shot.

Anjaneya offers a variety of oil massages (Rs 600) and powder massages. Herbal oils are used which enhance the healing effects of the massage. According to facts, there are 107 marma points (of Ayurveda) on the body. You can also call them energy pathways.

When properly stimulated by massage, they promote relaxation and healing.

The powder Ayurvedic massage I took lasted for one hour.

Price: Rs 800

The woman I met on the bus was the one who gave me the massage.

She asked me to take all of my clothes. It was a little awkward to begin with. Taking my clothes off to strangers is not exactly a daily routine. On the bright side, she gave me a 'panty' which I could use.

Well, there I was butt naked on the table besides a small panty.

First, she started to scrub herbs all over my body. Then she massaged me with herbs, starting with me laying on my stomach. After about 25 minutes she asked me to turn around, so she could rub in the herbs while I was laying on my back.

It was good, but frankly I was expecting that she would knead my soar muscles. I'm used to Thai massage, so taking this type of massage was highly unusual for me.

anjaneya ayurvedic health center in Kovalam
Massage in Kerala Kovalam Beach: Anjaneya Ayurvedic Health Center -- that's NOT me!

She was hard-handed when she rubbed me, and I liked that. If she hadn't been hard-handed, it would just be rubbing my skin. And that's not included in my massage-definition.

When I was done, I was covered by powder from head to toe. I smelled like a mild curry dish.

My skin was SMOOTH!!! I'm telling you, the smoothness lasted for many weeks. I was also very relaxed. I even forgot that I was almost naked.

Would I recommend it?

If you're the type who is used to hard knuckle massages (like I am) and prefer that, I would say that I don't recommend it. But if you're up for smooth massages and 100% relaxation, then I would say, go for it.

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