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Looking for accommodation in Pai?

You'll notice that guesthouses dominate in Pai, but if you're looking for some luxury you'll also find resorts and hotels. Over the years, Pai has undergone changes and become more developed and now it's a tourist hot spot. 

Most accommodations have their own restaurants, and to cater the young clientele - they have social lounges and other cool facilities.

If you're on a budget, you should avoid traveling to Pai in the high season from November to January since most accommodation prices double, at least. If you can't avoid the high season, you should look for accommodation out of town.  

My experiences from
Pai in Thailand

Shan guesthouse in Pai, Thailand

To me when I think about Pai, I only remember friendly faces and friendly gestures. 

When I was in Pai, I stayed at Shan Guesthouse located in a quiet spot. The bungalows were spacious and had an attached bathroom, hot showers and TV. It was everything I needed!

The staff who worked there were warm and friendly. When I was a victim of a moped accident in Pai, the wife in the house ran to me and didn't hesitate to take me to the nearest hospital - no questions asked. And the day I left Pai, she drove me to the bus station in her pick-up truck even though I could have walked there by myself. She has to be the sweetest Thai lady I've ever met - I will never forget her friendliness.

Nowadays, Spicypai Backpackers is nice option because of the clean rooms, social gatherings with BBQ and parties. You should check it out!

Another great budget option is Bannamhoo Bungalows (from 400 B per night), if you fancy small, simple huts with hammocks and delicious meals prepared by the friendly staff ;-) If you want to stay here, you should consider renting a bike since the bungalows are located 3 km out of town. 

Mr. Jan's has received good reviews from travelers because of the good service and the cheap chalets. Good value!

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Below you'll find a couple of guesthouses and hotels I've hand-picked from Tripadvisor at different budgets, and all of them have received good ratings. 

WT = Website tariff 

RD = random dates. It means that I've used and the numbers below represent the given price at a random date in November (start of the high season in Thailand).

  • Bueng Pai Farm: from 600 B per night (high season) - WT

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  • Pai Talay: from 2,000 B per night - RD

Read reviews of Pai Talay at TripAdvisor

  • Ing Doi House: from 400 B per night - WT

Read reviews of Ing Doi House at TripAdvisor

  • Hotel des Artists: from 3,600 B per night (high season) - WT

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