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Last updated on Nov 16, 2013
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Wondering where you can get cheap Thai food?

Or a good restaurant?

Ao Nang doesn't exactly lack restaurants. Ao Nang is a tourist town, but there are still some cheap food stalls or local restaurants to choose from.

During the day, you'll find cheap food at the food stalls near the beach. If you're on the main road and walking towards the beach, the food stalls should be on your left hand.

This is why you should stop by the food stalls:

  • Most of the restaurants are expensive. The meals at the food stalls are cheap. Prices range from: 25-100 B
  • You have to try the Red Curry with chicken and the Pad Thai with squid. It was delicious! Or try the noodle soup with chicken!
  • And if you want to cool off, they sell ice cream as well

During the evening, there are food stalls and food vendors along main and beachside road. Try their tender and spicy BBQ chicken (10-15 B), Pad thai chicken or squid (25 B), noodle dishes (25 B) or crispy banana pancakes (25 B)! Oohh, yummy! :-)

Beachside Restaurants
in Ao Nang

If you're up for seaside view while eating, try the restaurants by the beach. You'll get fresh sea food, Italian food or Western food.

But it's pricey though. Most international food range from 100-600 B. My steak dinner by the beach cost 230 B (without drinks!). When you've been on the road for so long, a good old steak does actually taste good.

If it's burgers and fries you want, you'll get that at good old McDonalds (near the shopping complex). Starbucks is located next to McDonalds.

When it comes to drinks and beers, you can gets drinks at all the restaurants in Ao Nang. You just have to choose one. Chang beer usually cost 70B, and a Singha beer bottle range between 60-120B at bars in town.

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Best-rated Restaurants
in Ao Nang

- Thai and Mexican food, and also pizzas.

- Thai dishes at very reasonable prices!

Thai and Italian food!

- Ao Nang is known for seafood - great seafood here at Kura Thara!

- Steakhouse and grilled food

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