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my bungalow on don det island in laos

So, you're looking for a place to stay on Don Det? :-)

No problem!

Find cheap bungalows scattered on the north side of Don Det, which is crowded, noisy but a sociable hotspot.

The first bungalows are located near the drop-off (if coming from Ban Nakasang). Just walk along the road, and choose the bungalow you want. I only saw bungalows with hammocks, so that's a good reason for coming here.

Most cheap bungalows cost $3-5 per night. My bungalow cost $ 2 (20.000 Kip) per night (back in Nov 2007). Number of guesthouses has grown steadily since then!

My bungalow was a very simple wooden hut on stilts, with a tiny porch and a large hammock facing the Mekong river. Not exactly luxury, but cheap and it was all I needed to relax!

The place had shared bathroom with no light. So watch out... And to prevent bugs from crawling up your nose or ears at nights, you have a mosquito net in your room.

Note: I honestly don't remember the name of the bungalow I stayed at, or the names of the surrounding bungalows. So, the point here is to give you an impression of how the bungalows are on Don Det.

Check out these bungalows on Don Det:

Don Det Bungalows and Restaurant: $10-30 per night

Don Det Bungalows and Restaurant has received good reviews

Little Eden: from $43 per night

Little Eden is the closest thing you can get to luxury on Don Det island (located on the north-western tip).

Little Eden reviews

Mama Leuah: 30,000-50,000 kip per night

Mama Leuah reviews at TripAdvisor

Paradise Guesthouse & Restaurant: from $3 per night

Read reviews of Paradise Guesthouse & Restaurant at TripAdvisor

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Beware that the locals shut down the generators between 9 pm and 10 pm every night.

So there's no electricity after these hours.

Always carry a flash light, and store candles in your bungalow.

When it gets dark on Don Det, it gets DARK. I almost entered the wrong bungalow just because of this!

Updated on April 18, 2012: Electricity is now available 24 hours on Don Det.

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Don Det Accommodation

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