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Looking for good shopping places in Delhi?

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Find great shopping opportunities in Delhi, at the markets, shops or malls. Whether you're looking for cheap fake brands, or real brands – you'll find it in Delhi.

In March 2011 we visited several markets in Delhi, and took a trip to the famous Ambience Mall in the richer part of Delhi.

Here's our experiences with them!

Hope you find something you like :-)

Review of
Dilli Haat Market

Elephant souvenirs at Dilli Haat market in New Delhi, India

Handmade elephant souvenirs at the shops in Delhi

A stand at the Dilli Haat market in Delhi

Entrance fee: Rs 20

What so great about Dilli Haat is the fact that you pay a small fee to keep away the beggars and touts. It's a peaceful shopping that's for sure!

Dilli Haat is a craft and food market. More than 200 crafts people come on a regular basis from all over India to sell their goods.

Prices at Dilli Haat:

Shawls: Rs 200-1000

Pillow cases: from Rs 200

Silk paintings: from Rs 200. I bought a middle-sized silk painting for Rs 500, and a hand-painted post card for Rs 200.

Small souvenirs: from Rs 50. I bought a small peacock souvenir for Rs 100.

This is where I also did Henna (Rs 200-300). The guy who did my Henna was from Kashmir, and he was extremely steady and thorough. I didn't get any allergies from it either (I have reacted to henna before).

Getting henna at the Dilli Haat market in Delhi

If you're hungry they have around 25 food stalls to choose from. We ate at one of their food stalls, and the food was pretty good. Prices are reasonable, and you get a good lunch for less than Rs 100.

Where: South Delhi, Aurobindo Mar. You're going to need a rickshaw to get there!

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Khari Baoli Spice Market

A boy at Khari baoli spice market in Delhi
Spices at Khari baoli spice market in New Delhi

Spice shops in Delhi: Khari Baoli

Khari Baoli spice market is the largest spice market in Asia. It was overwhelming to visit the place, especially when it was located in dirty and noisy Old Delhi.

At the famous spice market I bought spices for less than Rs 800.

That covered 8 bags of pepper, 3 bags of cinnamon sticks, 2 bags of chilli powder, two boxes of saffron (around Rs 200 per box), two bags of curry leaves, 2 bags of coriander and one bag of fresh ginger.

The saffron is from Sherawali, and it cost about Rs 200 for 1 gram. Expensive stuff, but great for soups and bakery goods!

Other goodies you can find are seeds, pickles and chutneys - it's definitely a colorful market!

How does it work?

You tell them how much you want (gram or kilo), and they will bag it for you. If you're like me, who doesn't know the 'gram and kilo'-language, you can just say that you want small bags.

That's at least what I did, and they knew what I was talking about.

Where: in Old Delhi. Every rickshaw and taxi driver in Delhi knows about this place.

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Karol Bagh Market

The shopping in Karol Bagh was a lot cheaper there than other places in Delhi.

That's the thing: I didn't see one foreigner there, but myself. Maybe that's why it's so cheap!

I wanted to buy pillow cases as gifts, and managed to find some before they closed. I thought the seller was kidding when he said it cost Rs 550 for 5 pillow cases. Wow, cheap!

I also found the 'pyjama pants' I was looking for the entire trip. They only cost Rs 100. The last trip I had to India I bought loose pants in Mumbai, and since then I've worn them out. So I was looking for the perfect replacement(s).

The down-side about these pants is that they're in Indian sizes. I asked for pants for men, and they looked big enough.

But when I returned to the hotel, I tried them on and they barely fit me. So, no, those pants are not made for typical Western men i.e tall and more largely built ;-)

My point: If it's possible, try the clothes before you buy it. Or look for extra large pants.

There are a lots of shops in Karol Bagh, where they sell clothing, sarees, watches, shoes, kitchen ware and much more.

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Ambience Mall in
Vasant Kunj, Delhi

Ambience Mall in Delhi

Ambience Mall is one of the most visited malls by foreigners in Delhi.

It has a lot of international brands like Forever 21, ONLY, Timberland, Gant, Accessorize, French Connection, Nike, Adidas and Puma.

My former class mates almost screamed when they found out there was a Forever 21 in Delhi (we don't have this store in Norway.....)

The mall is huge, and it's divided into two buildings (I think). You have to pass 'security' whenever you walk into a new entrance, which can be a relief and an annoyance at the same time.

Where: Located in south Delhi in New Delhi, Vasant Kunj. We took a rickshaw from Karol Bagh to Ambience Mall. It was surprisingly Rs 40 for a one-way trip (metered). Always ask the driver to start the meter before you get in!

There's another Ambience Mall in Gurgaon.

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