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Khao soi dish in northern Thailand, © Chidsin

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So, you want to know more about the food and restaurants in Chiang Mai?

The fabulous cuisine of Chiang Mai has been shaped by Burmese food, especially the curry dishes such the kaeng hang lay. Kaeng Hang Lay is made with pork.

Chiang Mai is also known for its mouthrunning street food. The most popular street food dish is Khao Soi.

Khao Soi is made of flat egg noodles, served in a soup with chicken or beef. And that's not all - you get bean sprouts, lime, black chili paste, shallots served with the dish. Probably one of my favorites!

Otherwise, find numerous family-run establishments in the city, and indulge in cheap food at open-air food courts. Vegetarians will like it here, as there are loads of vegetarian restaurants ranging from cheap to luxury.

Find numerous markets and food stalls serving cheap food in Chiang Mai:

  • Talat Somphet (great place for take-away food)
  • Anusan Night Market

The most exciting things is sampling food at the evening food stalls starting at 6 pm. At Anusan, indulge yourself in Thai, Indian and seafood at the open diners. They even have Western restaurants where they serve a classic steak and roast dinner.

Most of my time in Chiang Mai, I ate at the guesthouses so I don't have many cafes or restaurants to recommend I'm afraid. But here are the places I tried:

Daret's in
Chang Mai Thailand

Daret's is a popular cafe among travelers. They serve Thai and Western food, and the fruit shakes are incredible!

On top of this, you'll get generous portions for reasonable prices:

I got noodles for around 50 B and a fruit shake for 30 B.

And another thing: Daret's is also a guest house, but I didn't stay there so I don't have any reviews or prices to give you.

Where: 4/5 Chaiyaphum Road

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Aum Vegetarian Food
in Chiang Mai

I met some travelers from Sydney who kept talking about this place, so I decided to try their food.

And I didn't regret at all.

They serve excellent dishes made with organic vegetables. They even have lassies and different types of rice. I tried the tasty Vietnamese spring rolls and went back the following night - it was that good!

Rumours say that they have the best Khao Soi in Chiang Mai. Never made it that far, but will definitely try it next time.

Most of the dishes and coffees cost less than 100 B.

They also have a large collection of books and 100% organic coffee. Worth a visit!

Where: Aum Restaurant is located on Moon Muang Road.

Other Chiang Mai food

Other vegetarian restaurants to try in Chiang Mai are Anchan Vegetarian, serving fresh Thai food in a lovely balcony seating, and also Baan Nok Noodle and Angel's Secrets.

At Angel's Secrets, you can get a healthy breakfast or lunch like a bowl of fruit. For vegetarian fusion dishes (Indian), try Taste From Heaven. If you're interested in learning about Thai cooking, try their Thai vegetarian cooking class.

For bakery goods, you might try the Blue Diamond where you can get fresh bread and fresh local coffee. Another great place to get coffee or fresh juice is Coffee Lovers and Juicy 4U.

If you get tired of Thai food, you might try the tacos at Salsa Kitchen, ramen soups at Ninja Ramen Japanese food, sandwiches at Amazing Sandwich, salads at Salad Concept, Western dishes at Bierstube and Paris Bar and Restaurant. 

Believe me, your restaurant choices are only limited by your imagination!

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