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Chiang Mai Nightlife

Chiang Mai has it all - beer bars, karaoke bars and clubs! You won't ever, ever get thirsty or bored ;-)

Alcohol prices for Chiang Mai:

Beer Chang: 25-30 B for a drink, 50-70 B for a large bottle (at "local" restaurants)

Bottle of Sangsom (Thailand whiskey): 100 B

Thai "buckets" (a combination of Sangsom, energy drink, coke and ice): from 150 B (the cheapest I ever bought in Chiang Mai)

Bohemian Café & Bar
in Chiang Mai

Inside Bohemian Bar in Chang Mai Thailand

A small bar with cozy red interior, comfortable chairs and relaxed atmosphere. I just fell in love with their lamps!

Bohemian is a good place to start your early drinking - listening to chill-out music. You can also choose to sit outside in their relaxing garden.

It's a great place to grab a Singha! But frankly, we were the only people there on a Thursday evening. So, I guess it's a good place for 'foreplay drinking', but continue the party somewhere else! ;-)

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THC Roof Top Bar
in Chiang Mai

Drinking bucket at THC Roof Top bar in Chang Mai Thailand

If you want to go out, meet people and listen to drum and bass or some good old music, this is the place to go.

On the way up, you'll see the coolest paintings and graffities on the walls. Even their Western toilet is colourful! When you get upstairs, you can sit on floor pillows while sipping a bucket and talking to other friendly travelers.

The place is so chill and relaxing that it's almost intoxicating.

What's a bucket? A Thai bucket is a mix of Thai Whiskey (Samsong), red bull, coke and ice. It taste like...Coke, but spiced up!

Up-up sign to THC Roof top bar in Chang Mai Thailand
The colorful walls at THC Roof Top Bar in Chiang Mai
Me at THC Roof top bar in Chiang Mai

Where: Th Kotchasan (restaurant downstairs)

Their restaurant has received good reviews - you better check it out! (I never ate there, only drinking. Hehe)

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Heaven Beach in Chiang Mai

Heaven Beach Bar in Chiang Mai
At Heaven Bar in Chiang Mai, having a good time!

It was always packed the two nights I was there! It was crazy!

And this is why:

They have live local bands and you can listen to Thai people singing various classics, like Red Hot, Killers or Oasis, and the audience can sing along. The "perfect" music and the "perfect" (drunken) crowd create a loud and happy atmosphere!

Live bands play between 09.00 pm and 01.00 am. Entrance is free!

Where: I can't remember the exact location of the bar, but it's located in Th Ratchawithi area (Moon Muang direction).

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Rasta Café in Chiang Mai

At Rasta Cafe in Chiang Mai Thailand
Local boy at Rasta Cafe in Chiang Mai

We wanted to start our evening at Rasta Café (previously known as Rasta Bar) - a large Singha cost 55 B. It's a chill-out bar where they of course, play reggae music and alternative music.

Go here if the atmosphere on Heaven Beach is too much for you. They're just a few meters apart.

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