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Looking for a place to stay in Ko Chang island?

Even though Ko Chang is quite tourisy, you can still find some cheap huts and bungalows on the island.

Lonely Beach is the place to go if you want budget options and loud parties at the same time! It's definitely THE backpacker beach of Ko Chang.

Lonely Beach is not like White Sand beach. White Sand is packed with people, shops and 7-11s and it's a "mini-Phuket." It's very developed and touristy in my opinion. Lonely Beach is far more charming and relaxing :-)

Accommodation on
Lonely Beach


Price per night: 450-500 B (high/peak season, jungle bungalow, cold shower), 650-800 B (high/peak season, jungle bungalow, hot shower)

There are four different bungalows to choose from, from jungle to sea view bungalows.

The jungle bungalows have all attached bathrooms and they also come with a mosquito net. They serve delicious Thai and a few Western meals at their restaurant (pasta and sandwiches).

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Magic Garden

Magic Garden in Lonely Beach, Koh Chang

Price per night: 300-500 B (high/peak season)

At Magic Garden, you'll find bungalows with attached bathroom and a hammock in a private balcony! They also have a restaurant and a large, comfortable outdoor area where you can lay on huge colorful beds, and hang out with other backpackers. Very relaxed!

Magic Garden is also known for its DJ parties.

Accommodation on
Chai Chet Beach

If you're looking for a quieter beach on Ko Chang island, you might try Chai Chet! Chai Chet is located north of the popular Klong Prao beach, and south of White Sand beach.

Chai Chet may not be on the top list for most backpackers coming to Koh Chang, because many travelers go to Lonely beach or White Sand beach.

I stayed near Chai Chet a couple of nights and enjoyed the calm atmosphere on the beach. I actually had space around me compared to White Sand Beach, and the beach was quiet and clean.

If you get tired of laying still, try the swings hanging from the palm trees!

Or take a long walk while enjoying the excellent view of the ocean.

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Saigars Bungalows

Price per night: 500-800 B

I spent one night at Saigars near Chai Chet beach in Jan 2008, and booked through a travel agent in Bangkok.

The staff was great and welcoming. Bungalow was alright. It came with a large bed and attached bedroom, but it was very dusty on the floor.

The place was quite new when I arrived, and nothing much was happening in the evenings. I felt like I was the only person staying at this place.

But now, they have a pool and a cool bar! And a much more lively atmosphere.

What I didn't like about Saigars was its location. To get to Chai Chet beach, I had to walk for at least 20 minutes.

At that time, there weren't any shortcuts to the beach (which I was aware of).

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Nicely rated accommodation
on Koh Chang

  • Elephant and Castle (Pearl Beach): 450 B per night
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  • The Souk: 700-1500 B per night (Pineapple Bay = Ao Sappalot)
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  • KLKL Hostel: about 700 B per night (Lonely beach)
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