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Tree Top Adventure

Zipline adventure in Ko Chang island in Thailand

Are you the adventurous type and don't mind the heights?

Try Flying Fox - Tree Top Adventure Park on Ao Bailan, located south of Ko Chang island.

Price: 950 B (without transfer), 1100B (with transfer). High season prices.

Flying Fox is for those who want speed adventure and exercise!

If you're not afraid of heights, you should try it...

And if you are afraid of heights, you should definitely do it...

Why you say?

It's one of the coolest ways of facing your fear and you'll feel like Tarzan.

...You have to balance on single ropes, rope bridges, flying skateboards and climb on rope nets!

The skateboard, rope bridges and Tarzan vines were the coolest. The rope nets were not fun in my opinion, especially if you're a smoker. I was a smoker back then and had to really use my lungs to be able to balance on wiggling nets.

Before you start, you'll get the right and safe equipment provided by the company. You'll be divided into groups and each group has a supervisor who flies with you from tree post to tree post.

This person will also explain how to use the equipment and how you use your balance. The ropes are made of steel and are completely locked around the trees.

And there are two tracks, blue and red. The blue is the easiest one and it's four meters high, while the red track is harder and stands 12-14 meters above the ground.

Holding on at Tree Top Adventure in Koh Chang, Thailand
Crossing the tree bridge at Tree Top adventure in Ko Chang island

You will have a great time, and there will be times when you feel relaxed and free. I just screamed (of happiness) when I was cruising in the air, like if I was sitting in a roller coaster!

Balancing at Tree Top adventure in Thailand

Let me tell you about how I experienced it...

Some of the tree posts were really cool and I felt like I was a secret agent.

If you've seen action movies where soldiers or assassins sneak up on their enemies, by using ropes to surprise them from the air, you'll know what I mean!!

It's just awesome to glide and feel the fresh jungle air of Ko Chang island.

But I have to admit that some of the challenges were scary, especially where you have to balance on a single rope with a long wooden stick in your hands. The wooden stick is the only thing you can hold on to, so you have to do that right.

And I was always the last person because I'm a coward and I used a lot of time to finish each post and I didn't want to slow the others. I chickened out on the red track, but at least I completed the blue track :-D

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