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Last updated on Dec 15, 2013
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Looking for a good place to eat on Ko Chang island?

If you're not eating at the hotel or guesthouse restaurant, there are plenty of other restaurants on Ko Chang. Finding one is not a problem no matter which beach you're staying at.

Most of the restaurants serve a combination of Thai and Western meals. From simple food stalls dishes to fine cuisine.

Restaurants on Ko Chang is, of course, famous for its seafood dishes. Lobsters, mackerel, tuna and many other species are freshly caught from the sea, and then gently grilled ;-)

Grilled octopus in Thailand, ©iStockphoto.com/FredFroese

I only ate at food stalls and small family restaurants in Koh Chang, more often on Klong Prao beach. In general, cheap food stalls can be found near White Sand beach and Kae Bae beach.

Prices: Dishes cost between 30-100 B, and fruit shakes cost 60-70 B.

Tip: You have to try their fish meals with garlic and pepper on this island. Along with some rice and the four flavors, it makes you craving for more!

The fish meals cost about 40-50 B, Pad Thais cost 30 B and was one of the best Pad Thais I've tasted in Thailand.

One popular local restaurant is Happy Turtle in Bailan Bay that serves traditional Thai dishes (curries, tom yum soup and salads), and ps: they also offer cooking classes! Chumnan in Klong Prao beach is popular with locals and tourists because of the authentic Thai food (soups and nice rice dishes at reasonable prices from 35-80 B).

Another cheap option is to buy food at the mini markets on White Sand and Chai Chet. You can also buy fresh fruit from food vendors by the main roads close to the beaches.

If you like fruits like Lychee, you have to try the Logan fruit (Lamjay).

I bought 2 kilo every day and didn't get tired of its sweet taste.

They have of course loads of other cheap delicious fruit:

Pineapple, mango, durians, rambutan, pomelo, papayas, mangosteens, lychees, jujube, guavas, dragon fruits and you should definitely try the yellow jack fruits and the rose apples! I also tried the tamarinds, but that was the only fruit I didn't liked the taste of.

If you're missing bakery goods, try Papa Deli Bakery on Kai Bae beach.

At Papa Deli you can get fresh baguettes, Rye bread, croissants, Italian Salami, Gouda, mild Cheddar, cream cheese, pizzas and pasta dishes.

Try their home roasted coffee (60 B)! :)

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Where to party on
Ko Chang Island

There isn't much nightlife (clubs) on Koh Chang, but there are beer bars and karaoke bars stretching from White Sand Beach all the way to the south.

At Lonely Beach, they usually have parties in the bungalow areas like Magic Garden Resort. Magic Garden is notoriously known for its DJ Parties and heavy bucket drinking.

Other good places to try on Lonely beach is Ting Tong bar - a special landmark for backpackers. You can relax at their rooftop and listen to live music every night.

I also heard about a good place called Porn Bar by Kai Bae Beach where loads of backpackers gather together for drinks and good music.

You can watch awesome fire shows while drinking buckets right by the beach.

Porn Bar is an ideal bar if you want a relaxed atmosphere, where you can just hang out with fellow travelers and exchange exciting stories. And don't be intimated/attracted by the name - there's no porn here even though it's called Porn Bar :-P

Prices for alcohol:

Singha beer: 70 B

Chang beer: 60 B

Heineken: 90 B

Leo: 50 B

Sangsom bucket: 360 B

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Ko Chang Food and Bars

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