Elephants in Thailand &
Khong Phlu Waterfalls
in Ko Chang Island

Me riding an elephant on Koh Chang island, Thailand

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Do you want to ride the majestic animals of Ko Chang island?

An option is elephant riding with Chang Chutiman Tour!

Price: 900 B for two hours (internet rate), 500B for one hour (internet rate)

Ride an elephant through Koh Chang's wild and beautiful jungle. I love elephants and was impressed by how large these animals are, especially when you're sitting on them!

You can choose to sit on the elephant's neck and get brushed by tree branches while he/she is taking slow, but sturdy steps.

Their neck is the most uncomfortable area to sit on because you can feel the elephant's neck bone between your legs.

The elephants will at some point stop by a pond where you can watch them shower themselves using their trunks...

Look at him!

Elephant showering on Koh Chang island

A word of caution: Remember that elephants in Thailand are endangered. There are only 3000-4000 elephants left because their habitats are being destroyed.

By going on a elephant tour the idea is that you're helping the "mahouts" to feed and take care of these majestic animals. Hopefully the money will go to the elephants! And humane treatment of elephants is also crucial. When I took this tour in Koh Chang, the mahout didn't use any tools, like an ice-pick. But the mahout in Koh Pha Ngan did so, and it was awful to sit there and watch.

There's a fine line between taking a tour and humiliating elephants. I'm personally not a fan of elephant shows where they make them play games and wear costumes.

Me close to an elephant in Koh Chang island
The elephant camp in Koh Chang

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Khlong Phlu Waterfalls

One of the best things to do in Koh Chang is to rent a bike (200-800 B per day - price depends on type of bike) and discover the waterfalls deep in the jungle of Koh Chang.

Few people explore the jungle, and I can't see why.

It's unspoiled and calm.

Like, Khlong Phlu Waterfall.

If you're patient and can handle the long walk, you'll find plenty of refreshing pools where you can hide from the sun and just relax.

Otherwise there are many hiking trails which you can do by your own, and a few unofficial ones. If you're doing the off-beaten-track, I suggest you do it with a guide because this island is LARGE! You don't want to get lost.

How to get there:

Drive towards Khlong Prao or Kai Bae beaches. You'll find a road leading to the Marine Park office and you have to pay 200 B at the entrance.

There's a 20 minutes or 400 meters hike along the stream to the waterfall.

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Elephants on Koh Chang

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