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Looking for a good place to have a massage or a spa treatment in Kuala Lumpur?

Nice, because I can help you! ;-)

Every now and then, you would want to relax and give yourself a nice treat.

Thai massage is the most popular choice among backpackers, but I also think that Chinese massage is excellent.

If you're staying in Chinatown, you'll have endless opportunities of massage parlors and centers, mostly focusing on reflexology.

Reflexology is in short, a way to apply pressure to feet, hands etc with special hand or thumb techniques.

Me and my boyfriend decided to visit Xtreme - Massage, Reflexology and Spa Center.

Review of Xtreme -
Massage, Reflexology and Spa

Outside Xtreme massage center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our body massage hours were excellent, but kind of painful during the process. A sweet, old Chinese lady drove her knuckles into all my muscle knots - from neck to toe. I wanted to scream, but at the same time I knew that it had to be done. When we were finished, I didn't have any balance in my legs - I was THAT relaxed!

My boyfriend fell in love with this place, or more specifically he liked the massage he received.

Price sign outside Xtreme massage and spa center in Kuala Lumpur

He has occasionally been suffering from tendinitis (in his right knee). After traveling for a while in Malaysia, the stiffness and pain started to reappear.

Well, to make long story short: after the massage at Xtreme, the pain was gone.

Right before we left, he asked his masseuse what he had done to make it go away. The male masseuse showed the exact point in my boyfriend's knee where he had applied pressure.

My boyfriend was listening eagerly and so impressed that he decided to visit again a couple of days later.

The time we were there, they had promos like 1 hour massage with free ear candling/free fish spa. We tried the ear candling and didn't know what to expect. The goal is to suck out as much ear wax as possible.

It doesn't hurt, but you will feel that your ear canal gets warm. What they do is that they light an end of a hollow candle.

This kind of practice has been criticized because it was proved to be ineffective. Well, all I can say is that a lot of ear wax came out of my ear canals. I don't need to say more…?

Prices at Xtreme:

Manicure and pedicure: RM 38 each

Body Massage 1 hour: RM 78

Body Massage 30 min: RM 38

Foot reflexology: RM 30

Plus: Clean, professional and friendly

Minus: We went there twice. The first time, it was peaceful. The second time there were two kids screaming in the next room. I don't like anyone (kids or not) disturbing my relaxing hour.

Where: Petaling street, Chinatown

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Other massage/beauty spots
in Kuala Lumpur

If you walk around Petaling Market, you might see glimpses of street signs advertising for massage or fish spa. Even at Central Market they have fish spa for RM 5 (10 minutes).

Fish spa in Asia

I didn't try the fish spa in KL because I had a fresh tattoo on my foot/leg. But I've tried the fish spa in Manila, Philippines (basically the same as in KL - they use the same fish) and it tickles a lot! ;-) I'm not even that ticklish.

But the results are smooth feet with no dead skin cells! Muwah!

When it comes to beauty salons, you'll find them everywhere. In general, you can pay as little as RM 5 for a hair cut. One of the salons we saw was at the Central Market, called D'Molly Saloon. They do regulars such as haircuts, facial treatment and waxing.

Cheap barber shops can be found in Little India - they're in general clean (around RM 10).

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