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Sea horse tattoo from Berjaya Square in Kuala Lumpur

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Want to get a tattoo in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia?

I found three places for you: Two in Kuala Lumpur and one in Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Borneo.

The one I recommend for you (because I actually went there to get a tattoo) is the Tattoo City Art Studio in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur.

Update Dec 30, 2012: City Art Studio has moved to Berjaya Square.

Review of Tattoo City Art in Berjaya Square

Finished result: sea horse, taken in Kuala Lumpur

For personalized tattoos I would recommend Tattoo City Art.

Tattoo City Art is run by Kelvin, and he was the one who tattooed a beautiful sea horse on my foot/leg.

He's a perfectionist and perfectionism takes time.

While I was observing and studying his arts in dozens of albums, people came in frequently to ask about the price and how long it would take to get a tattoo. These potential customers wanted to do a quick tattoo, but Kelvin answered:

"If you want the tattoo to be good, it needs time. If you want it to be good, it will cost money."

I couldn't agree more.

I found a couple of nice sea horses in his albums, but I wanted to make my own by combining them. I asked Kelvin if he could draw for me and explained exactly how I wanted it.

He scheduled an appointment for Sunday (I was there on a Friday) and then I asked him how much it would cost.

I was prepared to pay like RM 500 because of previous experiences, but he was like:

"180 RM"

I was confused, but of course relieved. Then he asked for a small deposit: RM 50

Then I came the next day to look at the drawing, and it was just how I imagined it!

Then we started the process….

The tattoo studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Getting a Malaysian Tattoo in KL

Even though I was laying there for only 1,5 hours in pain, I wanted to cut off my leg...!!!

Until that day, I totally forgot how much it hurt. I mean, I got tattooed on my foot and heel - and there's just bones and thin skin. My boyfriend brought me coke so I could pump up the adrenaline.

The result was just flawless.

As you can see for yourself, there's only clean lines, details are awesome, and the colors are perfectly handpicked (my other tattoos are in the same family of reds).

Kelvin knew what he was doing - that's for sure.

You get cheap tattoos, but still professionally done. The tattoo gear is clean, work is clean and the result is perfect.

The only thing I wish they could change was the size of their saloon. With all the customers coming in every day, I wonder why they haven't expanded their territory.

But what a heck, I was so happy about my tattoo - that's the most important thing about the experience!

If you want to know more about Tattoo City Art Studio, click onto the link! (opens in a new window)

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Jo Asia World Tattoo Art in Kuala Lumpur

Jo Asia World Tattoo Art in Kuala Lumpur

We went shopping along Petaling Street and suddenly we noticed another tattoo shop in Chinatown:

Jo Asia World Tattoo Art

We didn't get a tattoo there, because I already got one at City Art Studio.

But if you're curious about this place and happen to get some prices, I would appreciate it if you could send me an e-mail. 

Kota Kinabalu

If you happen to be in Kota Kinabalu and longing for a tattoo, I can tell you that we saw a small shop in Centrepoint, called Culture Shock.

Nov 1, 2010: Earlier I wrote Warisman Square, but that's not right. It was at Centrepoint I saw this tattoo shop. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We stopped by, and the guys working there immediately gave us their albums.

We took a look in their albums, and it looked alright.

I asked for a price, and the other guy was like:

"It depends on the size, if it has colors and how detailed it is."

But he did tell that a small, regular tattoo cost RM 50. That's not bad at all! This is a place to get cheap tattoos in Kota Kinabalu!


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