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Looking for accommodation in Mumbai?

You'll find cheap guesthouses and budget hotels in Mumbai, in and around Colaba tourist area - located south of the city. Unfortunately, Mumbai is not known for budget places. We're talking about Mumbai - for the average Indian, it is the costliest city in India. 

In Mumbai, the principle of you-get-what-you-pay -for applies widely, with some exceptions where you can get great value for your money. If you want to stay in the Colaba area, you should book ahead especially in the high season (November to February). 

Our hotel experiences
from Mumbai 

While in Mumbai, we stayed at two different budget hotels. The first one (Sea Hotel) was alright and the staff was eager to carry our bags. For Rs 200 each, the AC-room was OK with an attached bathroom.

But we were three people who had to share a small double bed. And I remember that we woke up in the middle of the night, because we heard something crawling across the floor and inside the walls. Just the thought of it, gives me goose bumps..!

The other budget hotel we stayed at was Seashore hotel (about Rs 900 per night for a double room). After we stayed there, they renovated the rooms and nowadays it's known to be one of cleanliest budget hotels in Mumbai. They even provide toilet paper, which is not a common sight at budget hotels in India. 

You share bathroom with others, but that's not a bad thing at all since they keep it clean as well. 

What we enjoyed most about Seashore was the excellent location - the hotel faces the sea and it's in the heart of the tourist area called Colaba, and close to Gateway of India. This also means close proximity to the cafes and shopping in Colaba. 

Be prepared to walk the stairs with your backpack as there's no elevator in the building. If you're staying here during the hot season, you should pick a room with windows. Travelers who stayed at Seashore, have reported that the rooms with no windows can get quite unbearable and stuffy when it's hot and humid outside.

If you're on a really tight budget, a tip is the dormitories at Red Shield House in Colaba, owned by the Salvation Army (Rs 135 per night). 

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Below you'll find a hand-picked selection of recommended guesthouses and budget hotels at Tripadvisor. Have in mind that hotels in Mumbai (and rest of India) are subject to taxes. 

WT = Website tariff 

RD = random dates. It means that I've used the guesthouse or hotel's online booking system and the numbers below represent the given price at a random date in May (hot season in India).

  • Hotel Kumkum: from Rs 1,400 per night (WT)
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  • YWCA International Guesthouse: from Rs 2,400 per night (WT)
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  • Hotel Travellers Inn: from Rs 2,450 per night (WT)
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  • Abode Bombay: from Rs 3,500 per night (RD)
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