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Looking for a good cheap Thai massage?

After a long time on the road, you would want a massage to relieve those soar muscles ;-) Maybe even 'crack' your back a bit, or give your feet some massage lovin'.

Thai massage is hard-handed and tough. Some people love it, and some people don't. I personally love it :-)

In this article, I introduce you to my favorite massage place in Bangkok, give you estimates on how much a Thai massage and what other beauty sessions and dentists cost.

Review of Orchid Massage
and Beauty in Banglamphu

Massage, pedicure, manicure, waxing etc - they've got it all. Orchid massage is a popular beauty salon on Soi Rambuttri!

I had all my Thai massages and beauty sessions there (2007/2008/2010), and it was superb. They knew what they were doing. I always go there when I'm in town!

How does it work?

Once you enter the shop, you have to pay first. Their reasoning is that you don't need to bother about paying when you're feeling so relaxed. And it isn't a problem, really. 

You'll be taken upstairs where the wardrobe is. You'll be given some loose pants. Getting a massage in your hot pants is not exactly comfortable ;-)

Then you'll be taken to a room where others are getting massaged. There are both male and female masseuses. You'll be laying on a mat and then your masseuse will start 'cracking' you up! Thai massage can be painful, but the aftermath is worth it. You'll feel a sudden euphoria once you're done ;-)

Prices at Orchid Massage and Beauty:

  • Thai massage one hour: 180B 
  • Manicure 30 minutes: 100B 
  • Pedicure 30 minutes: 100B 
  • Wash hair, shampoo, dry and straightening: 200B 
  • Shave beard: 80B

They've "recently" added fish spa to their list. They didn't have this back in 2007/2008, but it was offered to us when we visited in April and May 2010.

Where: Soi Rambuttri, located between the pharmacy and 7-11 and has a pink facade. One minute walk from Rambuttri Village Inn.

PS! This shop must not be confused with Orchid Massage in Sukhumvit!

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Chaidee Massage 
in Bangkok

I never went to Chaidee Massage, but a couple of Israeli travelers we met at MyHouse were bragging about it.

Prices at Chaidee:

  • Thai massage 30 minutes/1 hour: 100/180 B 
  • Foot massage 30 minutes/1 hour: 120/220 B 
  • Oil massage 30 min/1 hour: 150/250 B 
  • Coconut oil massage 30 minutes/1 hour: 220/340 B

Where: Soi Rambuttri, next to Viengtai Hotel

Other Beauty Salons
and Dentists in Bangkok

Otherwise, there are beauty and massage salons scattered around Banglamphu area, intensified along Khao san road and Soi Rambuttri.

At nights, they get persistent and show posters and signs in your face. So it's hard to say that you didn't find Bangkok massage! :-P

If the salons mentioned above are too expensive for you, try the salons outside these streets. Like, Phra Athit road and Phra Sumen road. I washed and straightened my hair at a small local salon at Phra Athit road (150 B). They didn't speak much English, but I just kept saying "Wash hair, wash hair" and then they figured it out.

In May 2010, we found a dentist in Banglamphu area, only a 5-minutes walk from Soi Rambuttri.

It looked clean and professional, so we decided to give it a try.

But later I found out that their equipment was out-of-date. When they cleaned my teeth it hurt. It felt like they were ripping my mouth into thousands pieces, like a chain saw penetrating my teeth. In reality, they were scraping my teeth and touching my teeth nerves.

The newer equipment prevents that kind of pain. So, I wouldn't recommend this place.

Price: Anyway; we paid 800 B for a cleaning session and 200 B for an x-ray. So the price should be around that number for the cheaper places, and around 1500 B for cleaning and x-ray at other places. 

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