Asian Festivals and Events
in February

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So, you're visiting Asia in February?

You're lucky because there's always something fun happening in Asia - each month.

This article is about the February events! :-)

Festivals in Thailand

Flower Festival: Feb 7-9, 2014

Probably the greatest flower show in Thailand!

It's all flower - flower sculptures, flower parade, flower displays and even flower competitions. Thousands of orchids, roses and chrysanthemums are some of the most displayed flowers.

Best time to experience the festival is on Saturday because the parade!

Where: Chiang Mai, moat southwest corner

Makha Bucha: Feb 14, 2014

A public day in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, the Makha Bucha is an important day in Buddhist calendar.

This day marks the day after 9 months after Buddha's enlightment when he gave a religious speech (or a sermon) to 1,250 monks.

Praying, making offerings and temple visiting are essential to the Thais on Makha Bucha, and you'll get to watch candle processions near the temples.

Best places in Thailand: Marble temple in Bangkok

Phangan Film Festival: Feb 24-26, 2013 (no dates for 2014)

Welcome to independent film making!

Take a break from the partying and enjoy high quality independent movies from around the world :-)

Price: 800B for a festival pass or 350B per night. You can't get tickets for individual films.

And remember to arrive early to get the best seats!

Where: Holiday Beach Resort, close to Thongsala

And don't forget the Half Moon Party in February 2nd and 16th, the Black Moon Festival on Feb 10th and the Full Moon Party on Feb 26th.

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Festivals in Vietnam

Vietnamese New Year Tet: starts on Jan 31, 2014

People start preparing for the Vietnamese New Year weeks before the big dag! They start cleaning and decorating their homes as a symbol of "cleaning out" and getting rid of bad luck in 2012. People are running to the markets to buy decorations - it's a bustling time!

New Year's Eve is full of firecrackers and parties and everyone tries to be their best, since the way they behave on the big day will determine a person's luck for the rest of the year.

Tip: Please book accommodation and train tickets in advance if you're traveling in Vietnam around this time.

It's going to be a chaos in connection to the public transportation a couple of days before the event, and a couple of days after the event (because Vietnamese people are visiting families or returning home).

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Festivals in Cambodia and Laos

Makha Bucha: Feb 14, 2014

See the Thailand section for description


Chinese New Year: starts on Jan 31, 2014

The Chinese in Malaysia, who make up about 25% of the Malaysian population celebrates New Year. Lots of red decoration and lanterns will fill the areas where Chinese people reside. Attending the temples for blessings and prayers is a must for them.

Chinese New Year, ©

Asian festivals: Chinese New Year

The reunion dinner is the essential part of the Chinese New Year, reuniting with family members. Eating out at a restaurant has become more common - so book table a couple of months ahead!

Pasir Gudang Kite Festival: February 18-23, 2014

A kite flying competition where 25 countries are participating! :-)

Where: Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia

Safari Zoo Run: Feb 16, 2014

It's practically a run for the wildlife conservation cause. The run was established in the memory of one of the popular animal personalities in Singapore, the orangutang Ah-Meng.

The registration for the run has closed, but you can still watch it. It starts at 7.00 am and ends at 12.00 pm.

Where: Singapore, Night Safari and Singapore Zoo

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Festivals in Hong Kong

Chinese New Year: Jan 31, 2014

See the Malaysia section for description.

Lunar New Year Lantern Festival: Feb 14, 2014

This festival is known as the end of the celebration of Chinese New Year. Hundreds of colorful lanterns will be lit and will cover the entrances of restaurants, hotels and markets. The Cultural Center in Hong Kong also sets up a Lantern Exhibition and are lit every evening for one month.

Where: Hong Kong Culture Center Plaza, Tsim Sha Tsui

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Festivals in Japan

Sapporo Festival: Feb 5-11, 2014

The Sapporo festival is held over seven days in the village of Sapporo, featuring some very nice snow and ice sculptures. You won't be alone since the event attracts at least two million tourists.

Asian festivals: Sapporo snow festival

The main site is the Odori site, located in Odori park. Find more snow statues, concerts and events. You can either visit the park or enjoy the event from Sapporo TV Tower (admission is 700 yen), which gives you a great view of the park.

Where: Sapporo, north Japan

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Indian Festivals

Surajkund International Crafts Mela: Feb 1-15, 2014

Basically a crafts show and crafts display by some awesome artists. It's like a market where you can buy pottery, ivory work, paintings and textiles.

Where: Faridabad, Haryana, north India

Goa Carnival: Feb 9-12, 2013 (March 1-4, 2014)

The streets will be filled with parades, dancing, masks and shows. The Portuguese introduced this Carnival when they came to Goa and ruled for 500 years, so there are similarities between the Goan Carnival and the Brazilian Carnival.

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