Review of Kbal Spean
in Angkor Cambodia

1000 lingas and Kbal Spean in Angkor, © Bogacki

Last updated on Nov 18, 2013

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Discovered in 1969, Kbal Spean is the place to go for nature-lovers who want to get away from the temple complexes!

After Bantay Srei, I decided to visit this site, also known as the Valley of 1000 Lingas. At that time (Dec 2007), the road to the site was not finished. We had to drive on a bumpy dust road for a long time. The distance from Banteay Srei is about 15 km and about 32-35 km from Siem Reap.

So, bring a scarf or alike to cover your mouth as Tuk-Tuks drive fast, and the dust gets everywhere.

Note: To see the famous 1000 Lingas, you have to work-out and be determined as it takes 30-45 minutes to climb up-hill (depends on how fast you walk). And it was steep, so be careful!

On the way to the top, you'll pass Banyan-like trees, vines, strange fungus, hundreds of colorful butterflies, snakes and different wildlife in the deep jungle. It's about 2 km to the top and the lingas. 

In my opinion, any person in average shape can climb that top. I saw young and old walking the hill. I was a smoker back then and managed well. I just needed a good break when I got to the top ;-)

When you finally arrive, you'll see the 1000 lingas carved deep into the river bed.

The Lingas represent Hindu religious motives, included Vishnu, yonis and animals and these 1000 lingas were carved by hermits in the area. In the dry season when the river starts dropping, the lingas are a lot more visible. The sounds of the river, birds and the surroundings make this an idyllic and a mysterious place.

I also walked around the area and took pictures of gigantic trees and hidden waterfalls. And of course, a dip in the waterfalls is mandatory as you've likely sweated a lot on the way up ;-)

Recommended time: 2 hours

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Restaurants in Angkor park

Even if this temple site is way outside 'Angkor downtown', there are still restaurants found at the site, near the parking lot.

I didn't eat here since I just had eaten at Ta Prohm temple, but I saw lots of tuk-tuk drivers and a few tourists eating here.

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The 1000 Lingas

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