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Lo Dalam beach during the day in Ko Phi Phi

Unsurprisingly, sea food dominates the restaurant menus on Ko Phi Phi. We're talking about fresh sea food like sword fish, octopus, barracudas.

If you want reasonable food prices, I suggest you eat at the local food market inside Ton Sai Village instead of eating at a restaurant on the beach. The prices on restaurants located on the beach can be overpriced and the food doesn't necessarily taste better.

I personally preferred eating at local restaurants or food stalls, so I could have traditional Thai food. And if I got sick of Thai food, I just went to restaurants serving Western food.

Here are the restaurants and food stalls I tried!

Garlic 1992 Restaurant

Garlic 1992 restaurant in Ko Phi Phi island

Garlic 1992 restaurant in Ko Phi Phi,

Photo courtesy of Garlic 1992 Restaurant

I usually had my brunch and dinner at the small restaurant called Garlic 1992. The prices are reasonable and the food is great! They serve Thai and a few Western dishes (like pizzas, continental breakfasts, omelets etc). Their sea food meals, pad thai and panang curry tasted excellent!

On New Years Eve 2008, me and a couple of Australians had our dinner at Garlic 1992. Their seafood dishes are one of the best I've tasted. I actually had swordfish on New Year's Eve :-)

It was usually packed every time I got there, but be patient. You don't need to wait that long before there's an available seat.

Price: 50-150 B

  • Spring rolls: 50 B
  • Sandwiches: from 90 B
  • Vegetable curry: 100 B

Where: To get there walk on the main road towards Lo Dalam beach. It's not far from The Rock!

Open: 07.00 am to 10.30 pm

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Small Family Restaurants on Ko Phi Phi
here and there

If you want a more local atmosphere on Ko Phi Phi, head for the local restaurants in Ton Sai village. For instance, there's a small restaurant located three minutes from Lo Dalam beach. Don't remember the name I'm afraid.

The place has blue walls and it's just around the corner of RC Guest House.

They had a sign on the street, advertising for great seafood... and they were right! I tried the rice dish with slightly fried squid and it was delicious.

Meal prices: Between 30-150 B

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Lemongrass Restaurant

Sniper fish dish at Lemongrass restaurant in Ko Phi Phi island

Thailand food: Sniper dish at Lemongrass restaurant

Staff cutting up fish at Lemongrass restaurant on Ko Phi Phi

In my opinion they serve some of the best seafood on the island!

I love fish and Ko Phi Phi is known for sea food, so I wanted to try it.

Their fried sniper with lots of garlic and fresh salad, and some warm rice - made my taste buds go crazy!

The sniper dish was supposed to be a meal for two people, but I ate most of it... It was that good!!!

The dish I ate cost 200 B. If you want quality food and want to splurge, this is the place to go!

You'll certainly get value for your money with delicious food and friendly staff. They also make the food in front of you :-)

Where: Next to the post office

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Food Market and
Food Stalls in Ko Phi Phi

You'll find a large market inside Ton Sai Village selling many types of fruit, vegetables and meat.

Pass the fruits and vegetables, and you'll find the food stalls on the island. They have some cheap dishes on their menus. Try the chicken soup with coconut milk...or their die for!

Otherwise they have pad thai with meat (60 B), spring rolls that melt on your tongue, fish on sticks and much more!

Wash down the food with a fruit shake (40-60 B).

For dessert have some mango with sticky rice :-)

The menus aren't always in English. One way of solving this is to look around and find the dish that looks appealing to you, then point!

Where: It's kind of hard to explain where these food stalls are since I got there by a coincidence. They're not on the tourist track, that's for sure.

I got lost in the streets and BAM: food stalls in front of me.

I've searched online and Travelfish says that you have to turn down the road alongside Barracuda Divers to get to the food stalls.

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