Things to do on 4000 islands 
Don Det & Don Khone

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So, what are the things to do on Don Det and Don Khone islands?

Well, most backpackers rent a bicycle (10,000 kip per day) and explore the islands. Another alternative is to walk on dirt roads around Don Det island which will take you max 3 hours. Probably 2 hours if you walk fast.

You'll pass traditional Laotian houses on stilts, groups of buffaloes eating grass, local kids in worn-out clothing, snakes, farms and endless fields!

By the way, on the big island of Don Khong you can rent motorbikes (80,000 kip per day) from guesthouses and shops on the island´s main street.

Local children in Don Det island, 4000 islands Laos

If you get hungry along the way, there are riverside local restaurants along the road serving traditional Laotian food. You'll eventually get to the old French railway bridge, where you can cross over to Don Khone island. Now it cost 20,000 kip to cross the bridge to Don Khone. 

There's a small booth next to the bridge - this is where you pay the crossing fee.

Children of Don Det island in Laos

Children of 4000 islands 

Cycling to Don Khone island from Don Det island in south Laos

Cycling to Don Khone island

Tubing and Kayaking

On Don Det island you can rent a tube or a kayak (15,000 kip). Check if you can rent tubes at your guesthouse (10,000 kip per day).

It's pretty hot on 4000 islands. A good way to cool down, take a refreshing swim in the Mekong river. My friend from Argentina did this. He swam over to a tiny island, but it took him a while before he got there. He almost got caught by the currents... So, watch out! ;-)

Tour companies offer day tours which give you the opportunity to explore the islands and the waterfalls. Some tours also involve kayaking and a boat ride to spot the Irrawaddy dolphins (fresh-water dolphin). 

Do nothing and relax!

Lay in a hammock and do nothing!

Just enjoy the view over Si Phan Don, take a nap in the afternoon or read a book. Or you can observe tiny, cute geckos crawling in and out of your bungalow, eating bugs. They do the dirty job.

Another nice thing to do while laying in your hammock, is to watch the clear sky at nights. I think it's one of the places on earth where you can see thousands of stars clearly. It's so clear that you almost feel like they're really close. It's hard to describe the feeling, but you'll know what I mean when you see it. It's beautiful! :-)

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Activities on
Don Khone island

Somphamit Waterfall (Lippi waterfall)

Enjoy the beautiful and popular Somphamit waterfall west of Don Khone. It was impressive to watch the massive volume of this waterfall. I think I stood there for half an hour just to listen to the rumbling and powerful sounds. It felt liberating.

To get there you have to follow a trail from the railway bridge. It's about 700 meters from the bridge. 

Phapheng Waterfalls (Khone Phapheng)

Phapheng waterfalls on Don Khong, 4000 islands, Laos, ©

You should visit the Phapheng waterfalls! It's a major attraction, both for backpackers and tourists.

It's supposed to be the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia, or in some cases the Niagara Falls of Southeast Asia. The waterfall is quite impressive, especially in the rainy season when the water runs fast and hard.

Admission fee for foreigners: 10,000 kip per person

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