Angkor Wat Picture Gallery

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I decided to make this Angkor Wat picture gallery since Angkor Park has so much to offer, and to entice you to visit! :-) Angkor is a true photography heaven. Every corner and angle of each temple site can be a great shot for the skilled photographer.

The sunrise and sunset pictures of Angkor Watt are probably the most popular angles!

If there's one thing you have to do while traveling in Cambodia, it must be visiting the Angkor temples. They're the hard proof of Buddhism and Hinduism existing side by side in the country.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! :-)

Angkor Wat Picture Gallery

Sunrise at Angkor Watt

A typical sunrise picture at Angkor Watt site, taken near the main concourse and the food stalls. Most travelers and tourists visit Angkor at early hours, just to witness this beautiful sunrise.

Me at Angkor Wat

Shot during my first trip to Angkor back in December 2007. As you can see, there are a lot of visitors at Angkor Watt site.

Ta Prohm temple site

At Ta Prohm temple site, where Tomb Raider was shot. This is my favorite of favorites! I love the jungle location, the mystery that surrounds it and the powerful trees.

Banyan trees at Ta Prohm temple

Here you can see how really big the Banyan trees are at Ta Prohm temple. I'm a tiny stick compared to it!

Me and boyfriend at Ta Prohm temple

We're so impressed by these giant trees at Ta Prohm temple! I have been here twice and it never bores me. Just fascinating!

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A little girl at Ta Prohm site in Angkor park

This was taken in 2007 before begging was abolished at the Angkor sites. This little girl looked at me and reached out her hand, making it a lot harder to say 'no' but I didn't give her any money.

At that time, there were so many children running around at the sites, begging for money or selling jewelry like bracelets. I bought several bracelets from three little girls who I assume were not any older than 6 years.

Local girls at Ta Prohm site in Angkor park

These two girls were sweet and really enjoyed the camera! :-) They didn't ask me for anything - they just followed me and wanted to be taken pictures of!

Tree branch at Ta Prohm site in Angkor Park in Cambodia

See how the branch is wrapping itself around the ruins at Ta Prohm - very much alive!

At Banteay Srei site

This was shot at Banteay Srei - the red sandstone site. Impressive site with high level of detailed work, but there are just too many people there!

At Bayon site inside Angkor Thom

At Bayon - one of my favorites in Angkor! It's like being stared down by hundreds of faces. The bas reliefs at Bayon are very interesting and tells the story of early Angkorian period. Looking at bas reliefs is the highlight!

Carvings of an Angkorian dancer at Bayon site

Fine work and carvings at Bayon site.

More carvings at Bayon site in Angkor Thom

More bas reliefs (special carvings) at Bayon. It tells the story of Angkorian glory and battles! You should read some Angkor history to understand the storyline.

A local seller at Kbal Spean

In 2007, I met a nice local girl selling Krama scarves near the entrance to Kbal Spean. I actually bought two for $2! Use these scarves as dust or sun protection because you're going to need it.

Large tree at Preah Khan site

The labyrinth of Preah Khan - more Banyan trees! Preah Khan is a really nice place to be and you can even 'get lost' at the site. Even if there were many visitors there, I still found it calm. Because of the temple's structure, visitors naturally spread themselves around in the labyrinth. So we avoided the highly concentrated tourist masses (like it is at Angkor Watt).

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At Preah Khan
Having fun at Preah Khan site in Angkor

We're having fun at Preah Khan! :-) Found a quiet spot! These last two pictures were taken in 2010.

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